Petcompared is built on a unique concept: Keep It Simple. We want to offer our users an informative place to visit and share and we welcome all feedback as enthusiastically as Paul’s dog accepts a new bone!


Apart from some gold fish, I never grew up with any animals in the house. However, now that I have kids of my own, I understand the importance of sharing the family home with pets. We used to have a beautiful Golden Retriever, but he died after 2 years due to illness. We now have an amazing King Charles Cavalier and my kids love him to bits. They are equally as excited as I am about Petcompared and are always giving us ideas!



I am a born and bred Londoner.  I grew up with 2 beautiful cats, Ginger and Blossom and decided I wanted to combine my love for websites with my love for animals.  Therefore, Petcompared was born and I’m totally pumped to build this site into a user-friendly and informative place for the entire pet loving community.





We hope this site brings you all the information you need for the pets in your world.
Paul & Marc