Armarkat Pet Bed Cave Shape Reviewed


When it comes to lounging spaces, every pet owner has a preference much like how every pet has one as well. Some cats may prefer to be out in the open; others like to be snuggled tight. Then there are those cats that prefer to be completely covered underneath something. There are many different pet bed designs that accommodate to this preference, but one of the best ones is the cave shape design. This pet bed has more than enough features to make you and your pet happy. The Armarkat Pet Bed Cave Shape is the perfect tiny home for your cat.

Durability and Reliability

Armarkat is one of the most recognized international pet brands in the industry today. With this pet bed, you’re getting the best that Armarkat has to offer. This cave shape pet bed is made out of waterproof fabric, which makes it extra durable to last many years. Armarkat performs rigorous testing on each of their products to ensure high quality, and they’re constantly looking for ways to improve their products. The Armarkat Pet Bed Cave Shape is machine-washable, and no matter how many times you put this in the washer, you won’t ever compromise its design. This pet bed is also sturdy enough to withstand the typical wear and tear that cats can bring on.

Comfort Level

If you’re looking for maximum comfort to provide your cats with, this Armarkat pet bed provides plenty. With its extra thick 100% poly fill, there’s no measure as to how cozy your cat can be inside this tiny cave. The poly fill also helps in keeping the temperature of the cave nice and controlled. It’ll never get too hot or too cold for your pet even when it lounges in the cave all day long. In addition, the interior walls of this pet cave are lined with a plush velvet fabric to add even more cushion and a touch of luxury. Expect your cat to want to snooze inside this shady bed as much as it can.


Armarkat offers a variety of products to suit all sorts of cat sizes and breeds. This cave shape pet bed is designed for cats that are extra small. There are plenty of cat breeds that stay small even in adulthood. Some examples include Persian cats, Munchkins, American Curl cats, and plenty of others. Teacup cats and various other toy breeds are perfect for this pet cave as well. The bed itself measures 18 x 14 x 15 inches; and while the base might be large enough, keep in mind that this is a covered bed. Average-sized cats may fit inside this cave, but comfort levels vary depending on the cat’s preference. Some cats might prefer something roomier; otherwise, this cave-shaped bed should be okay for some regular-sized adult cats.

Cost and Value

This Armarkat product is an affordable option for a cat bed. It’s also quite different from other typical beds in the market. It’s small enough to be placed anywhere in your home without being obstructive, but it’s big enough at the same time to bring comfort to your small cats. The strength of this bed’s materials makes it a great investment for any pet owners to have whether it’s being used as a primary pet bed or just as another option for your pet to have. It’s a great lounge space for cats, and it’s inexpensive enough to even have multiples of. Your cat will appreciate having a small bed cave in whatever room it may walk into if you want to provide it that kind of luxury.

Durability and Reliability7.5
Comfort Level8.8
Cost and Value8.7
The Armarkat Pet Bed Cave Shape is a playful and cozy space for any cats that prefer covered beds to rest in. While the top portion of the bed might tend to cave in once in a while, there’s an easy solution to prevent it from doing so. You can reshape the bed anytime you might need to simply by readjusting the structure by hand and sticking it in the dryer for 15 minutes to restructure and retain the shape. You can give your cat a warm and comfortable home within your home with the Armarkat Pet Bed Cave Shape.