Best Friends by Sheri Pet Igloo Reviewed


If you can have a cat bed that can double as a carrier, why not have get it for your cat? Best Friends by Sheri has come up with a product that does just that with their Pet Igloo Hut. This snug cat bed is designed to keep your cat safe, warm, and comfortable at home or outdoors. You can even use this cat bed as a travel carrier for your pet. The Pet Igloo Hut is a convenient way to bring your cat’s bed with you anywhere you both travel to. Best Friends by Sheri provides two products into one without compromising quality whatsoever.

Durability and Reliability

It’s clear that the Pet Igloo Hut is designed with convenience in mind. It’s made with the most durable and flexible materials to provide your cat with a soft bed that can also double as a heavy-duty carrier. The interior of this cat igloo is made out of a sturdy foam material. The tough oxford fabric guarantees that the cat bed will not fall apart with use. This cat bed is also waterproof and dirt-resistant, which means that you’ll be washing and drying these less often. This cat igloo has a roof handle up on top, which will allow you to carry the bed wherever you need to. While the roof handle is made with the same strong materials of the igloo’s body, you have to make sure that you don’t carry the pet igloo around while your cat is inside. This is to prevent the handle from ripping due to the added weight.

Comfort Level

The Pet Igloo features 360-degree coverage. This means that the cat bed has all-around softness and security. In addition, the interior of the pet igloos is lined with a self-warming Sherpa fabric. This fabric will give ultra softness for your cat—enough softness to induce an extremely relaxed state. Your cat will definitely have a great night’s sleep, which means that it’ll have more energy during the day. In addition, the self-warming feature will guarantee that your cat stays warm enough during the winter’s cold months.


Because of the nature and construction of the pet igloo, this cat bed is better suited for cat breeds that are small. As a matter of fact, the company recommends the use of the Pet Igloo Hut for cats that are no heavier than 9 lbs. Some example of cat breeds that may fit into the Pet Igloo Hut very well include the Singapura breed, Munchkins, the Rex breeds, and the Tabby Cat breeds among so many others. Any cat that’s larger will definitely not feel comfortable being inside this pet bed. It’s just way too snug inside for any pets that weigh more than the suggested weight requirements. Still some cats appear smaller than how much they weigh. Make sure you do your part as the pet owner to determine whether or not your cat fill fit inside this Pet Igloo Hut.

Cost and Value

Affordability is one of the best features of this standard cat bed. You’re getting all the benefits of an enclosed cat bed at a price that won’t break your bank. The materials used in this product are all safe for pets. Given that this cat bed can be washed and dried as needed, it means that it has the material quality to handle such load. You’ll easily be able to rid of odors and stains that inevitably build up on cat beds, saving you money in the long run with the capability of keeping your cat’s bed just as new as you can make it to be. Also, your cat will get as much privacy as it needs with this pet bed, and when it’s inside the igloo, it’ll feel like it’s being hugged in some way.

Durability and Reliability7.9
Comfort Level8.5
Cost and Value9.3
The Pet Igloo Hut from Best Friends by Sheri is just what you need if you’re looking for something standard and affordable. With this product, you’ll get plenty of other features that are far from basic including the Sherpa fabric that will keep your cat nice and warm inside the igloo. With this Pet Igloo Hut, you might find your cat staying in more often than not. You wouldn’t be able to blame your cat for wanting to stay cozy with the Pet Igloo Hut.