Big Barker 7-Inch Pillow Top Dog Bed vs Brindle Soft Memory Foam Bed


Most dogs out there don’t need too many bells and whistles when it comes to their beds. Most dogs do well as long as they have something comfortable, soft, and sturdy. This is the very reason why the Big Barker 7-Inch Pillow Top Dog Bed and Brindle Soft Memory Foam Bed are such great pet beds. Both beds offer basic functionality with high quality benefits, but there’s a remarkable difference between one and the other. Find out which bed proves to be better in comparison by reading on until the end.

Durability and Reliability

The Big Barker bed is designed for the largest dog breeds, so you can imagine just how durable these beds are made to be. They can accommodate dog weights of up to 200 lbs. The bed has a total of 7 inches of solid memory foam, which is not only comfortable but also therapeutic. On the other hand, the Brindle Soft bed is also made out of high quality memory foam material. It also has a removable cover that can be washed as needed. The difference in quality between the two beds is in the actual memory foam material. While Big Barker uses solid foam, Brindle Soft uses shredded foam. This means that the Brindle Soft bed won’t provide the same amount of support that the Big Barker bed will naturally provide your dog.

Winner: Big Barker’s solid memory foam material beats any shredded foam on any day.

Comfort Level

Memory foam provides incredible amount of support, but the make definitely matters. We already established that Big Barker’s solid foam is superior to that of Brindle Soft’s. It’s safe to mention here that the Big Barker pet bed is actually therapeutic. It’s designed to help dogs prevent and alleviate chronic pain, or any other kind of pain for that matter. The Brindle Soft bed is much smaller in comparison to the Big Barker bed. Brindle Soft does provide a total of 3 inches of support, but it’s not much compared to Big Barker’s 7 inches of foam. The Brindle Soft bed can still provide comfort, but it won’t alleviate pain as much as the Big Barker bed can.

Winner: Big Barker’s thicker beds are superior when it comes to delivering comfort.


Just because the Big Barker bed is designed for larger to jumbo dogs doesn’t mean that smaller dogs can’t use it. The Big Barker bed is made for dogs such as Great Danes and Great Bernards, but average dog breeds such as Labradors can use it comfortably as well—with plenty of room to spare. The Big Barker dog bed may only come in the one size, but it sure does fit all. On the other hand, the Brindle Soft bed comes in 7 different bed sizes. The smallest Brindle Soft bed can fit teacup breeds, while the largest bed can fit Great Danes just as well.

Winner: Both beds are equal in this aspect, as both could fit many different dog breeds.

Cost and Value

If there’s one reason that might hinder you from getting this amazing Big Barker bed for your dog, it might be the price. One Big Barker dog bed sells anywhere from $240 to $300 each. This is probably more than what the average dog bed costs these days. However, there are plenty of reasons to justify the price given that the Big Barker beds are actually therapeutic beds. The Brindle Soft beds happen to be on the other end of the price spectrum. They’re quite affordable in fact. The smallest Brindle Soft bed only costs $30 each, and the largest bed sells for only $70 in comparison. Of course, when you’re comparing capability, the largest Brindle Soft bed can’t compare to the Big Barker bed when it comes to benefits. Regardless, it’s still useful and beneficial in its own way.

Winner: Brindle Soft beds might be too affordable to refuse.


There are many factors that you as a dog owner must consider when purchasing a bed for your beloved pet. It’s important to weigh everything in for the decision-making. Weighing everything in now, we’d have to say that the benefits of the Big Barker bed far outweigh the benefits of the Brindle Soft bed. This makes the Big Barker bed the better one altogether, even with the exorbitant price. Many dog owners will find that the high price is absolutely worth it, and we think so as well.

Winner: Big Barker 7-Inch Pillow Top Dog Bed