Big Barker Pillow Top Dog Bed vs Kopeks Pillow Top Dog Bed


Different dog breeds have different needs; this is something that you should come to understand if you want to be the best dog owner you can be. When it comes to providing your dog with the best dog bed, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is your dog’s size. After all, you can’t fit a large dog comfortably in a small bed. Two of the most popular dog beds out there—Big Barker and Kopeks—both provide dogs with 7-inch pillow tops. If you have a large or extra large dog, one of these beds would definitely suffice. Here are comparison points to help you determine which would be best for your dog.

Durability and Reliability

When it comes to durability, both Big Barker and Kopeks didn’t hold back when it comes to their dog mattresses. Both brands use solid memory foams that are designed to hold up against the weight of larger dog breeds. Both brands also use sturdy covers for their mattresses. Big Barker uses a microfiber cover, while Kopeks uses a nonslip suede material that will keep the bed in place. Kopeks’ cover also happens to be waterproof, but while that may be the case, Big Barker happens to offer a 10-year warranty that guarantees their mattress will last a long time.

Winner: Big Barker’s 10-year warranty just trumps them all.

Comfort Level

Everything about the Kopeks’ Pillow Top dog bed embodies comfort. From the materials of the bed to the added headrest on one side, the Kopeks dog bed is just the type of bed that can help larger dogs deal with typical large breed issues. On the other hand, Big Barker dog beds are commercially advertised as actual orthopaedic beds for dogs. They’re designed not only to alleviate existing pain but to prolong or even completely prevent the development of diseases associated with dog age and size. Big Barker does this with the foam layering exclusive to their designs. There really is nothing else like it out there, and your dog is sure to benefit from it.

Winner: Big Barker wins this one with the orthopaedic feature.


When it comes to size, Big Barker serves only the large kind. This means that dogs from large to giant can benefit tremendously from the benefits of the brand’s dog bed. Even if your Newfoundland Dog weighs 200 lbs., the Big Barker will not buckle under such tremendous weight. Kopeks, however, has variety on its side. While it also caters to large and extra large dogs, Kopeks’ Pillow Top also comes in two other sizes for a total of three: small, large, and extra large. The small dog bed allows smaller breeds to take advantage of the orthopedic benefits of the bed. The extra large bed size, on the other hand, is designed for all the jumbo breeds such as Great Danes. This product variety is especially useful if you have multiple dogs of different breeds at home.

Winner: Kopeks’ size variety is just hard to beat.

Cost and Value

There’s a drastic difference between the costs of these two brands of dog beds. The Kopeks brand comes with three different price points for each size. Their small dog bed sells for only $50; the large bed is $90. The jumbo XL, which is what’s comparable to the Big Barker bed, sells for just under $120. It’s difficult to beat at that price, especially considering the Big Barker dog bed will cost you at least double or even more. The Big Barker Pillow Top will cost you anywhere from $240 to $300, a price range that not all dog owners could even afford to consider. At $240, you could essentially get two Kopeks dog bed for one Big Barker dog bed.

Winnder: Kopeks dog beds are just much more affordable.


There are many different ways you can approach this purchase, taking different points of view. If you’re only looking at price, Kopeks is clearly the dog bed that makes sense to get. However, you need to look at a dog bed purchase as a long-term investment. The dog bed you buy should be able to provide your large dog with more than just a place to rest its head. With that in mind, we highly recommend you purchase the Big Barker Pillow Top for two reasons. First, it’s an actual orthopedic bed, and second, your purchase comes with an automatic 10-year warranty. It means that Big Barker is willing to stake on its own product. The price is even justifiable because the Big Barker bed is likely to prevent extra vet visits, medications, or even therapy. Buying this bed is a true investment that could only benefit your large dog for a really long time.

Overall winner: Big Barker Pillow Top Dog Bed