BobbyPet Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed Reviewed


The instinct to scratch anything around is hard-wired into cats. Scratching promotes healthy nail growth, tones the cat’s muscles and helps alleviate stress. Being territorial creatures, cats often want to make a living space their own, and this requires not just carrying their ritual practice but also a place they can mark their dominance. As a big cat owner, there is no better way of enabling this kind of behavior and making your car super joyful than buying a Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed. Here we review one of the best Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed, the BobbyPet cat scratcher lounge bed.

Durability and Reliability

BobbyPet is a simple yet effective stretcher that can withstand the jumps, pounce, and moves of 25-pound cats. So, if your cat is the bigger type, then this scratcher lounge bed is your best bet. It’s made of 100 percent honeycomb paper and premium corrugated cardboard, so it’s strong enough to hold the weight of a big cat can last longer. This scratch lounge bed features textured surfaces, which provides the cat the satisfaction needed to meet their natural scratching needs. The round shape and its design encourage your felines an attractive place they can roll over, jump over and satisfy their natural crawling instinct. BobbyPet is also heavy enough to be upright regardless of the cat jumps, and durable enough to withstand the falls when cat rolls over it.

Comfort Level

Your cat will love this toy; it’s made of 100 percent Eco-friendly and recyclable cardboard that provides nothing but safe environment for your pet. The bowl shape contours the cat’s body, which allows cats to rolls naturally, claw, play while offering your cat a comfortable place sleep. It does not move easily like most basic scratcher. You will be pleased to know that Bobbypet is completely breathable and easy to clean making it safe and completely harmless to your feline pet. The product is not fire and waterproof, so always take caution. The round shape means that scratching bits will stay in bed rather than spreading around the home. This means that your home will always be free from cat hair.


The BobbyPet is a cat scratcher and a lounge at the same time. It is designed for cat owners looking to reclaim their homes from misplacing cat hair, furniture scratches, and unattractive products out there. The product has a dimension of 6.2” by 5.1” and 2.9” and a diameter of 20” which makes it ideal for big cats. Big cats often knock off the average toy during play, but this one is ideal for big cats, but because of its size it may not be ideal for small breeds. It has a room for three smaller kittens, so you shouldn’t have a problem if you have a large female cat. The product folds up easily, which makes it an ideal scratcher and lounge bed for those who are traveling. If you want the cat to be attracted to the scratcher, it is a good idea to sprinkle some catnip, and there is no way your cat will resist the product.

Cost and Value

Bobbypet for big cats sells just under $20, which is not necessarily costly compared to other model costing like $30 per unit for small cats. Given its durability, performance, and sturdiness, the price is more than fair. Given that the toy is equipped with a bell ball toy, it’s totally worth it.

Durability and Reliability8.7
Comfort Level8.9
Cost and Value8.9
You can feel that the materials used for this product are of high quality than other regular scratchers and lounge bed out there. The corrugated construction makes the unit quite strong, so the chances are that it won’t get work any time soon. The product is not the good bet for smaller breeds, but it’s definitely worth it for a large one or few small ones. The fact that you can use the unit as a lounge some of the time and the fact that it costs less than twenty buck means that it's totally worth it. With this product, you will love seeing your cat rolling, jumping and curling up without messing your furniture or your clean home.