Casper Dog Mattress vs Kuranda Chewproof Raised Dog Bed


What we’re comparing here are two completely different kinds of dog beds. On one hand, we’ve got the Casper Dog Mattress. It’s a memory foam dog bed that’s luxurious to say the least. On the other hand is the Kuranda Chewproof Raised Dog Bed. It’s probably the most basic kind of dog bed there is—completely opposite the Casper mattress. It’s a basic canvas bed, but it’s just as effective at the same time. Depending on the kind of experience you want for your dog, you could lean more towards one than the other. But we believe that one brand is superior. Read on to find out which one it is.

Durability and Reliability

This particular aspect really depends on what you want for your dog. Having an actual dog mattress that’s comparable to what people use is a true luxury for a pet. Casper extensively tests all their products to make sure that they can handle the typical wear and tear dogs bring. It also uses one of the strongest microfiber materials you can find in the industry. The Kuranda dog bed has a completely different design. The bed itself is a basic platform that’s strong enough to hold up your dog. You’ll never have to worry about your dog getting injured on the bed because it isn’t likely to break down. The bed frame is made out of a strong aluminium frame that’s resistant to damage and chewing. The Cordura fabric that makes up the actual bed itself is just as durable.

Winner: Casper’s commitment to quality is unrivaled.

Comfort Level

When it comes to comfort, Kuranda’s product offers the most fundamental. The Cordura fabric that makes up the bed may be strong, but it isn’t necessarily as comfortable. It’s not plush at all. What this brand offers is the ability for you to customize your pet bed with whatever cushions, pillows, or beddings that your dog might prefer. In comparison, the Casper dog mattress offers all cushion and softness. There’s no doubt that your dog will feel comfortable sleeping or lounging on this bed. It’s made with solid memory foam that will never lose its shape. It also has low foam bolsters that surround the bed like a pillow. This pillow acts to relieve pressure, help pain, and simply give your dog better rest altogether.

Winner: Casper’s mattress is in no doubt more comfortable.


The Casper Dog Mattress comes in three sizes for different breeds of dogs. However, those three sizes will not be enough to accommodate giant dogs such as Great Danes or Newfoundlands. The largest size can only hold dogs up to 90 pounds or less. In comparison, the Kuranda Raised Dog Bed offers six different sizes of beds to choose from. These sizes range from mini to XXL. So it doesn’t matter what kind of dog you may have. Kuranda will definitely have something appropriate that will fit your dog no matter what. In fact, the largest size Kuranda has can hold dogs that weigh up to 250 pounds.

Winner: Kuranda happens to offer more choices at the end of the day.

Cost and Value

You should know that neither option is truly affordable. Good quality comes at a steep price after all. The cheapest Casper Dog Mattress you can get is the small, which sells at $125 each. The brand’s largest mattress sells for $225. In comparison, the largest Kuranda dog bed sells for $240, while the brand’s mini bed sells for $130. You’ll have to weigh what your dog will get with these products before you make your decision. What’s unique with the Casper Dog Mattress is basically the memory foam. With the Kuranda dog bed, you’re basically getting a completely unique kind of bed, one that can be used indoors or outdoors, and one that will probably need extra cushioning in order to be comfortable.

Winner: Casper’s cost is absolutely worth it.


Unless you need a dog bed that your pet can use outdoors, we highly recommend that you go with the Casper Dog Mattress instead. The benefits of the memory foam just far outweigh anything else that the Kuranda dog could offer. Don’t get us wrong. The Kuranda Raised Dog Bed is incredibly useful, especially during the hot summer months. However, the orthopedic quality of having a solid bed to lie on is something that your dog will benefit from the older it gets. Having the Casper Dog Mattress will essentially mean less bone pain and better agility even in old age.

Overall Winner: Casper Dog Mattress