Dog Makes Dying Owner’s Last Wish Come True


A hospital in the UK made one dying man’s last wish come true, when they allowed in his pet dog to say goodbye.

Having been his faithful companion of almost a decade, Peter Robson’s family told the staff at the Dundee, UK hospital that his last wish was to say goodbye to Shep, his border collie.

Shep had given Mr Robson companionship since the death of his wife, and had been brought to the family as a puppy eight years prior.

The hospital agreed to let Shep into Mr Robson’s room, even allowing him to jump onto the bed… Which is more than most dog owners will allow in their own homes! It was almost as if he was waiting to see Shep and bid farewell, as Mr Robson passed away just a few hours after the visit.

A Really Grateful Family
Mr Robson’s family were overwhelmed with happiness at how the hospital had accommodated their family member’s wish, posting on Facebook at how grateful they were to the hospital for allowing Shep in to help his owner over the rainbow bridge. They really thought that Mr Robson would never see Shep again – granddaughter Ashley Stevens posted to Facebook:
‘Absolutely amazed and touched. Our grandad’s last and final wish was to see his dog one more time’.

‘He really thought he would never see Shep again. It was an amazing moment to see the two of them together, and Shep was so excited to see him’.

It’s important for pets to understand where their owners have disappeared to, especially in the case of illness or long-term absence. Not being able to see their owner without any idea of where they’ve gone can lead to confusion, irritability and even dog depression.

Infection Control
Even though it might sound a bit harsh, dogs and other pets are not allowed into most hospitals worldwide, as hospitals have strict infection controls. As a result, some humans (such as small children, or pregnant women) aren’t even allowed near vulnerable people. The fact that the hospital allowed Shep in to see Mr Robson one last time just shows how hard working the staff were, as they had to get special permission from several different departments in order to make it happen.

There are sometimes occasions when animals are allowed into hospitals – there are some very popular programs allowing specially trained dogs into hospitals as therapy dogs. However, pet visits are usually strictly off-limits.

Pets Bidding Goodbye

Another example of a pet saying goodbye to their owner also occurred in the UK a few years, when a horse was brought to say goodbye to his owner.

Bronwen was allowed into the hospital grounds to say goodbye to Sheila Marsh, whose hospital bed was rolled out the parking lot to meet her horse. She died just hours after saying goodbye.

Although Bronwen wasn’t brought into the hospital like Shep was, the fact that he was allowed to be near the hospital, and Mrs Marsh was allowed out of the hospital to meet him, also shows both the dedication of the hospital’s staff and just how important the bond between owner and pet is.