Dogbed4less Memory Foam Bed vs Brindle Soft Memory Foam Bed


Memory foam is prime dog bed material. It’s probably the most popular choice for many dog owners considering how versatile and effective memory foam truly is. To put it into proper perspective, memory foam is considered to be preferred mattresses for humans. There’s absolutely no reason why your dog can’t experience the same quality. Two dog bed brands that offer the best memory foam options are Dogbed4less and Brindle Soft. We’ve taken a few factors into consideration and compared the two products to see which would be the best memory foam option for your dog and here are the results.

Durability and Reliability

Dogbed4less takes durability to the next level with three separate covers. Their memory foam dog bed has a waterproof cover, a washable cover, and an extra suede cover just in case. With this dog bed, you can say goodbye to worrying about accidents. Brindle Soft may not have a waterproof cover, but their dog bed cover is removable and washable. This way, you can keep the memory foam bed as fresh as possible. This is useful considering that the Brindle Soft dog bed is advertised as a portable bed. It’s made to withstand a bit of rough handling.

Winner: Dogbed4less’ waterproof cover is just a must.

Comfort Level

When it comes to comfort, there’s a big difference between the Dogbed4less bed compared to the Brindle Soft bed. While both use quality materials in their products, Dogbed4less just happens to offer more. Their dog beds are made with 4 inches of solid memory foam, which provides an excellent amount of support. In addition, this bed also uses a particular gel technology that helps keep the memory foam cool. On the other hand, Brindle Soft offers 3 inches of memory foam, but the difference is in the make. Brindle Soft uses shredded memory foam. While the shredded material does feel softer than solid foam, it does not give ample support to help your dog in the long run. It may also provide a little bit of coolness to the foam itself, but it’s nothing like being infused with actual gel to stay cool to touch.

Winner: Dogbed4less uses solid memory foam.


Size is important in deciding which bed is appropriate for your dog. Fortunately, both brands offer incredible sizing options to accommodate all dog breeds. Dogbed4less offers a total of 7 different dog bed sizes, while Brindle Soft also offers 7 different ones. Between these two brands, there aren’t many differences when it comes to sizing. Both companies even offer detailed sizing information on their websites to help you determine exactly what size of bed you need to get for your dog. If you’re going to decide how suitable a dog bed is, you might look into stylistic options to decide on what would be best to buy. Both brands offer a variety of looks; and while Dogbed4less offers 10 different external covers, Brindle Soft offers 4 styles to choose from.

Winner: It’s a tie! Both brands offer great sizing options.

Cost and Value

The costs of these memory foam dog beds are easy to compare even though there are 14 different bed types to analyze. The fact is Dogbed4less Memory Foam dog beds are just more expensive than Brindle Soft’s beds. The smallest Dogbed4less dog bed sells for $60, while Brindle Soft’s comparable size is only $30. That’s half the price—a big difference, and essentially, the same difference is apparent throughout the various sizes. That being said, it’s understandable why Dogbed4less’ products cost more at the end of the day. It’s simply because they use better memory foam.

Winner: Dogbed4less may cost more, but they just offer so much more in value.


If you want to buy the product that’s going to be better for your dog, it’s clear that Dogbed4less’ Memory Foam Bed uses far better materials than Brindle Soft—even though the Brindle Soft brand has plenty of good things to offer as well. Dogbed4less’ solid material is what you’d want your dog to lay on every day and every night. It’s easier to maintain with all its layers of protection. It also has a solid foundation for support, and it comes in so many different sizes and styles. There’s really not a lot more left for you to have to think about. If price is an issue, consider this dog bed as an investment. If you buy your dog a Dogbed4less Memory Foam Bed, you’ll have a happier dog at the end of the day.

Overall Winner: Dogbed4less Memory Foam Bed