Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed Reviewed


There’s no other dog bed in the market right now that has the versatility of the memory foam dog bed from Dogbed4less. Don’t let the simplicity of the design fool you. This dog bed is packed with features and benefits your dog will surely appreciate—regardless of its size, breed, or age. Dogbed4less’ Memory Foam bed is made to provide comfort, luxury, and protection for your favorite four-legged companion. This is just the type of dog bed that you’ll want in every single room in your house, and it’s the type of dog bed that your pet will actually use.

Durability and Reliability

To protect the memory foam, Dogbed4less provides you with a total of three covers: one waterproof liner, one washable external case, and a bonus MicroSuede cover as well. The waterproof cover will protect the foam from inevitable dog-related accidents or any other liquid-related accidents. The covers are all machine-washable, and they’re guaranteed to retain the integrity of their materials even after so many washes. This dog bed is made with only the highest quality materials, and each bed is constructed with much care and attention. You can expect many years out of a single bed regardless of how heavy or rough your dog may be.

Comfort Level

The comfort features that this memory foam bed could bring are incomparable. While 4 inches of foam might not sound like much, the foam on this bed offers orthopedic support for dogs. It can help alleviate and prevent any pains that your dog might feel in its lifetime. The foam is resistant to flattening, and it’s also hypoallergenic. In addition, Dogbed4less’ memory foam has been infused with gel cooling technology. Your dog will never overheat while lying on this bed regardless of how hot it gets in the summertime. The cool of the foam combined with the softness of the covers will only give your dog an environment for better sleep altogether. This bed will also maintain the good health of your dog’s joints and bones due to its therapeutic features.


The Dogbed4less Company has thought of a solution to the sizing issue. They’ve simply created a memory foam dog bed for every single size imaginable. Their dog beds come in several sizes: Small Medium, Medium Large, Large, two different Extra Large sizes, and Jumbo. No matter how small or how large your dog breed may be, one of these beds will surely fit. Smaller to average dog breeds such as the Beagle, Boston Terrier, Dachshund, Chihuahua, and the Yorkie should fit comfortably on the Small Medium. Medium-sized dog breeds such as the Labrador retriever, Bulldog, or the Poodle should fit on the Medium Large beds. Anything larger and above should fit on the larger bed sizes. The Dogbed4less website offers the specifications of each bed, so you can specifically determine which bed size will be the perfect one for your dog.

Cost and Value

It’s difficult to compare the cost of this product to other dog beds because they’ve covered all the bases. They’ve provided for every single possible dog size, and Dogbed4less has given pet owners several features to make this dog bed worth having for their pets. The smallest bed size sells for just under $60, while the jumbo size sells for just over $125. Everything else falls in between in values that make sense. These numbers are affordable and reasonable, and you’re really getting everything you could possibly need in a dog bed. Given the fact that you’re also getting an extra external case in each purchase is something completely unheard of in the industry.

Durability and Reliability8.9
Comfort Level9.1
Cost and Value9.3
No matter what size your dog may be, you’ll find a compatible memory foam bed from Dogbed4less. These beds check all the boxes, and they’re also quite easy to maintain and clean up. It’s got pluses for both you and your dog. The best part about it is the quality you’re getting for the price. Dogbed4less is known to deliver on their products every single time, and the memory foam dog bed is no exception. If you have high expectations for these beds, keep them. The beds are likely to exceed any expectations you may already have.