FroliCat Bolt Laser Cat Toy Reviewed


There are many creative ways you can provide entertainment for your cat, but we’re sure there are times when it seems like your cat doesn’t want to cooperate at all. As a cat owner, you’re probably aware that most cats prefer lounging around to moving around. You probably also know that getting them to move is half the battle. We have a solution for even the most stubborn of cats, and that’s the Frolic Bolt Laser Cat Toy. You’d never guess how much cats actually enjoy light shows, and this cat toy is the perfect way to have one in the comfort of your living room.

Durability and Reliability

Dancing cats are the best to watch, and you can be sure that once you turn on this laser cat toy, your cat will be dancing all over the place. It’s going to jump, pounce, and move like there’s no tomorrow. Fortunately, the Frolicat Bolt Laser is sturdy enough to withstand all the action. It’s heavy enough to stay upright amidst intense movement, but it’s also durable enough to handle drops and falls after your cat rolls all over it. The Frolicat takes only 4 AA batteries to operate, and it has an adjustable mirror that allows you to change up the aim of the laser the way your cat would like. You can also use the toy manually by holding the product with your hands and turning the whole experience into an interactive and engaging playtime.

Comfort Level

Eye safety is one of the main concerns when anyone is dealing with lasers, and this applies to cats as well. You’ll be pleased to know that the Frolicat uses a low-level laser, which makes it completely safe for use for both cats and humans. As long as you follow the instructions for proper use, your cat will never be harmed when playing with this cat toy. Just be aware that it’s highly recommended you supervise your cat while playing with this toy. Even though it’s a low-level laser, you still wouldn’t want your cat to look directly into the light. The same rule also applies to you as a pet owner: never look directly into the laser light. If you follow this simple rule, you’ll easily find the Frolicat to be one of the best exercise toys and play equipment for cats out there.


The product itself is not at all big. It stands at only 9” tall and is about 3” wide. It’s the perfect toy for average breeds of cats such as Persians, Siamese cats, and Russian Blues. Given its size, it’s also suitable for smaller cat breeds such as Munchkins and American Curls. While larger cats may find this toy fun to play with regardless, they’re more likely to knock the toy over during play. This will cause the laser to be exposed upwards, which might entice your cat to look directly into the laser. In this case, it’s probably not the best toy for larger cat breeds.

Cost and Value

Having a dedicated laser light show toy for your cat may seem like a luxury to some, especially when it costs about $20 per unit. However, this toy is as versatile as any toy could be, and the fact that it’s also portable is a plus. You can take the Frolicat with you anywhere you go; you can use it to capture the attention of your cat or to simply give it entertainment wherever you may be. At home, it’ll provide your cat with needed exercise on days when it seems like your cat just wants to do absolutely nothing. For $20, your cat will have a toy that it can use and enjoy for quite some time.

Durability and Reliability8.8
Comfort Level8.9
Cost and Value8.7
If you want to provide your cat with a unique playing opportunity at home, the Frolicat Bolt Laser Cat Toy is a great toy to have. It’s a guaranteed way to entice your cat to exercise, but at the same time, it’s also just pure fun for your furry friend. Your cat will love dancing to the laser light show, and you’ll definitely enjoy watching your cat have a grand time. There are plenty of cat toys out there, but there really isn’t any other that’s like the Frolicat. It’s one of the best ways to keep your cat active and engaged anytime of the day.