FURminator deShedding Cat Tool Reviewed


There’s one reality that all cat owners have to face: cats shed. It’s not something that will deter cat lovers from owning a cat or two, but dealing with pet hairs can be a nuisance, especially during shedding season. Out of all the grooming tools you may accumulate as a cat owner, there’s nothing else you would appreciate owning more than a deshedding tool. FURminator’s deshedding tool is perhaps the best in the market currently, and it’s your best defense against a home that’s full of hairs and a cat that’s spitting out hairballs all the time. It’s definitely a necessity for any home that houses furry friends.

Durability and Reliability

The stainless steel deshedding edge of the FURminator is designed to be both effective and safe for your cat. The product is guaranteed to decrease shedding by up to 90%. That’s an impressive amount for such a simple device. It’s easy to use and even easier to maintain. This device will remove loose hairs without causing any damage to your cat’s coat or skin. The loose hairs gathered by the FURminator can be ejected with the press of a button. It’s a no-mess, hassle-free way to keep your cat groomed and your home hair-free.

Comfort Level

The stainless steel edge of the FURminator will never cut into your cat’s skin, but make sure you don’t press with it too much while you’re brushing your cat. It can cause redness if used incorrectly. In addition, make sure you follow directions for use closely; any bruising, sores, or other skin conditions your cat may have should be treated before the deshedding tool could be used.

The ergonomic handle makes the whole process of deshedding comfortable and enjoyable for you as a cat owner. You can turn deshedding into a special weekly bonding moment for you and your cat. Not only will you be getting rid of unwanted loose hairs; you’ll also help your cat maintain a healthier and shinier coat. With loose hairs out of the way, you can completely prevent hairball incidences—something we’re sure your cat will appreciate. Regular use of the FURminator will also reduce shedding over time, which will reduce clean ups and grooming time as well.


The FURminator comes in two sizes—small and large; it also comes in two styles—short hair and long hair. Make sure you purchase the correct size and style for your cat’s breed. Never use a long hair deshedding tool for a cat with short hair, and vice versa. You risk injury to your cat otherwise. The small deshedding tool is designed for cats up to 10 lbs. in weight, while the large deshedding tool is designed for cats that weigh more than 10 lbs. The small tool is perfect for breeds such as the Cornish Rex and Singapura. The large tool is best for cat breeds such as Shorthair breeds and the American Bobtail.

As far as style is concerned, the short hair deshedding tool is designed for cats with hair less than two inches in length. The long hair tool is otherwise made for cat with hair that’s longer than two inches.

Cost and Value

The small FURminator sells for just under $32 per unit, while the large tool sells for just under $48—both regardless of style. It may seem like it’s a costly tool to have; but once you see how useful the FURminator can truly be, the price is really justified. This is the kind of grooming tool you’ll be using weekly—it really doesn’t get any more useful than that. Plus, the fact that it prevents your cat from ingesting so much hair makes it truly a necessity, especially if your cat tends to shed a lot.

Durability and Reliability9.4
Comfort Level9.2
Cost and Value8.6
We all know that cats love to groom themselves. However, even this natural tendency to groom can end up hurting cats in the process. Majority of shedding happens when a cat self-grooms, and most of the hair ends up getting ingested. You can prevent this from happening by deshedding your cat regularly using the FURminator Deshedding Cat Tool. It’s the only tool of its kind that can provide your cat with the comfort of safe deshedding and promotion of healthy hair growth. With the regular use of the FURminator, your cat will have a better coat and your home will have a cleaner surface—it’s a win all around. The FURminator is a simple grooming tool that no cat owner should go without.