K&H Manufacturing Amazin’ Kitty Pad Reviewed


We all know that cats love to nap. They’ll practically do it anywhere they might be comfortable—the couch, the windowsill, the top of the fridge, or even some random corner in your home. Why not make naptime more comfortable for your beloved pet? Sometimes all that might be needed for that is a simple mat. However with the K&H Manufacturing Amazin’ Kitty Pad, you’re getting more than just a simple mat. This kitty pad is exactly the type of pet bed that will benefit you and your furry friend in more ways than one.

Durability and Reliability

K&H Manufacturing is known for its collection of quality pet products. When it comes to pet beds, K&H offers a few options; and one of their best ones is the Amazin’ Kitty Pad. Made with 100% polyester, this pad is particularly strong even though it’s quite lightweight. Because of its make, the Amazin’ Kitty Pad also happens to be resistant to damage that’s due to regular wear and tear brought on by stretching, shrinking, or creasing. It’s also completely sun-resistant, so you can place this pet bed by the window without worries of shortening its life with sun exposure. In addition, this pet bed is also resistant to mildew. With all of these features, you can rely on this kitty pad to last you a long while.

Comfort Level

This pad can give your cat more than just a soft cushion to rest or lounge on.
The Amazin’ Kitty Pad also comes in two types: heated or unheated. The heated version offers only 4 watts of power and has a removable heater. The unheated version, on the other hand, is made of materials that give it the ability to act as a natural insulator. It does this by absorbing your cat’s body heat and keeping that heat trapped inside the kitty pad. It makes for a warm, cozy, and comfortable bed regardless of what time of the year it might be or where in the home the bed might be placed.

While the pet bed might be thinner compared to other beds, both types of it provide enough cushion for your cat to be relaxed. It actually helps that these pads are extremely light and portable; it allows you to take the pads wherever your pet might need them.


At first glance, the Amazin’ Kitty Pad might appear to be small. However, don’t get fooled by its thickness. This pet bed is large enough to accommodate even the larger cat breeds such as Tabby cats and Maine Coons. It’s perfect for average-sized cats and smaller ones as well. You can guarantee your cat will stay warm regardless of how much space it covers on the kitty pad.

Cost and Value

Regardless of whether you’re using the heated or unheated version of the Amazin’ Kitty Pad, you should know that you’re getting a good product for your money. The extra heating capability of the heated pad raises its price tag slightly, but they’re still inexpensive anyway. You can easily purchase two or three of these pads without making a dent on your budget; that way, you’ll have as many lounge areas for your cat as possible. In addition to all the benefits that this kitty pad can provide your cat, it also has benefits for you as a cat owner. The Amazin’ Kitty Pad is made to trap cat dander and hair. The more your cat lounges on these kitty pads, the less dander and hair you’ll have to contend with. It’ll leave you with less time cleaning and more time to enjoy with your cat.

Durability and Reliability7.8
Comfort Level6.6
Cost and Value9.4
The K&H Manufacturing Amazin’ Kitty Pad is a low-cost, low-maintenance, and highly efficient pet bed. It doesn’t have any extras, but its strengths are in its simplicity. The Amazin’ Kitty Pad is simply a must in every cat household, either as a primary pet bed or a supplementary one. They’re certainly affordable enough to have multiples of if it’s something that you need—for multiple cats or even just for extras. These pet beds are great for stowing away or for carrying around in case you were traveling with your cat. The Amazin’ Kitty Pad is one cat product you or your cat wouldn’t want to be without.