K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Reviewed


Perhaps there’s no other spot in the home that cats love more than being by the window. Cats are quite observant. These intelligent animals are constantly curious about the world around them, and one way they like to keep themselves entertained is by watching the world pass by outside their homes. That might be exactly what windowsills are made for; however, not all windows have sills. K&H offers a solution to this situation with a pet bed that literally allows your feline friends to hang by the window for as long as it likes. With the K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill, your cat will never miss a chance to see what’s going on outdoors.

Durability and Reliability

When it comes to durability, K&H did not hold back with the Kitty Sill. The sturdy steel frame of this pet bed is designed to hold a good amount in weight. In addition to the steel frame, extra large push and turn suction cups anchor the bed itself. This type of suction cup is one of the strongest ones you could find out there; each one is capable of holding more than 100 lbs. You can guarantee that your cat will be safe on this floating bed. The covers on the frame are removable and can withstand repeated washings on the washing machine. This product is also resistant to the damage that might otherwise be caused by constant exposure to the sun

Comfort Level

The cover on this K&H Kitty Sill is made out of a plush material that provides a cozy relaxation place for your cat. The platform is sturdy enough, so your cat won’t sink into the sill, but it’s pliable enough that it’s comfortable. Your cat will enjoy basking in the warmth of the sun, as it relaxes on this pet bed. The cat bed measures 12 x 23 inches, so there’s enough room for even a large cat to lounge on. There’s plenty of space for your pet to sprawl out; your cat will be so happy on this kitty sill that you might not find it anywhere but on it.


Considering that this kitty sill is equipped to handle weights in excess of 100 lbs., you can imagine that any cat breed can make use of this pet bed with no problems. Average-sized cats such as the American Bobtail or the Burmese will enjoy the space to be able to move around on the bed itself. Larger cat breeds such as a Ragdoll or a Ragamuffin will be able to lounge on the kitty sill easily and comfortably. While it may look like the larger and longer breeds might be spilling out of the sides of the K&H Kitty Sill, the true test will happen once your cat is on the bed and enjoying itself immensely.

Cost and Value

Since this is likely to be an extra bed for your cat instead of the primary bed, you’ll have to take into consideration that it’s added cost. It shouldn’t stop you from splurging a little on your furry companion. This is certainly an investment that can last a long while. In addition, the K&H Kitty Sill will give you no hassle whatsoever. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and it’s even easy to stow away when your cat isn’t using it. The kitty sill will even help keep all that cat hairs away off from all your furniture. With all the wonderful benefits it can provide, there’s absolutely no reason not spend the $30-$50 it could cost you to own such a cool cat product.

Durability and Reliability8.9
Comfort Level8.3
Cost and Value8.2
K&H Pet Products has really done an impressive job with this Kitty Sill. Not only is it innovative in design and capability, it’s truly something that your cat will no doubt enjoy. Give your cat the opportunity to marvel at all the sights outdoors without the dangers of having to let it out. Your cat will surely appreciate the views and the comfortable spot to enjoy it from. This K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill is just the type of pet product your cat will actually use. There’s nothing else like it out there, and with K&H, you know that you’re only getting the best.