K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat Reviewed


Most cat beds are made to be comfortable for cats all-year long regardless of what season—most. We have to say, however, that not all cat beds are made equal. Having said that, as a responsible cat owner, you have to consider how comfortable your cat bed actually is during the colder months. What extra protection does your cat truly have against the cold? You’d have to be proactive as an owner and think about your cat’s warmth and coziness. Thankfully, K&H Pet Products have come up with a solution to beat the discomfort that the cold brings, and that’s the K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat.

Durability and Reliability

The design of this cat bed is fairly simple. The Thermo-Kitty Mat is more in the shape of a kitty cup with a removable hood. This ultra deluxe cat bed is made with a pillow and a fleece cover, which is removable for easy washing and maintenance. The walls of the kitty cup are made out of sturdy foam, so you can guarantee that the cat bed will not lose its shape despite of overuse. The 4-watt heater that warms up this cat bed is made to withstand and handle the amount of use it will get throughout the colder months. One of the best parts about the Thermo-Kitty Mat is that you can remove the heater during the warmer months to prolong its life even more.

Comfort Level

When it comes to comfort, very few can compare to cat beds that provide the extra feature of added warmth. There’s something about a warm bed that’s just inviting, and even cats know the difference. This cat bed can stay up to 15 degrees warmer than room temperature—if the weather calls for it. When your cat is actually on the bed, the heating mat will adjust according to your cat’s body temperature, so you’ll never have to worry about overheating. But apart from the extra warmth, the Thermo-Kitty Mat offers more when it comes to comfort. The poly-filled pillow is fluffy and soft—everything that your cat would appreciate in a bed. Plus, the foam sides will never feel cold and hard against your cat’s body. That’s without talking about the removable hood, which is there purely for coziness’ sake. The hood adds just goes over the top with comfort, but there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go above and beyond what your cat could ever need.


The Thermo-Kitty Mat comes in two sizes: 16” or 20”. The 16” cat bed is perfect for smaller cat breeds and cats that stay small throughout their adult lives such as the Siamese, the Cornish Rex, or the American Curl breeds. These cats will grow to about a maximum of 8 lbs. The 20” cat beds will also work well with these smaller breeds, and these beds can also accommodate for most medium-sized cats, ones that grow up to about 10 to 12 lbs. Cats that grow up to 15 lbs. or beyond may feel a little tight in the enclosed space of this bed, so you’ll definitely know not to get this cat bed for your larger furry friends. Some of the cat breeds that can best benefit from the Thermo-Kitty Mat include the American Bobtail, the Persian, the Russian Blue, and the Tabby Cat among others.

Cost and Value

Because of its heating function, the Thermo-Kitty Mat costs a lot more than average. This cat bed is on the higher end of the category, and we’d have to say that it’s worth it for the price. If you can splurge a little bit on your cat, this bed will give your pet the ultimate luxury and comfort. We recommend considering this bed, especially if you live in a location that goes through extremely cold temperatures. What’s more, this cat bed is actually MET listed, which means it has been evaluated for safety in accordance to national quality standards.


It looks luxurious; it feels luxurious. If you’ve got a cat that deserves this kind of pampering, don’t get anything else other than the K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat. You’re not only getting comfort and durability; you’re also getting a product that you know will never harm your cat. Safety standards should be top of your list, and the Thermo-Kitty Mat checks that box like no other with its MET safety seal. Everything else this cat bed offers are just terrific extras.