KittiKubbi Reviewed


There’s a reason why cats love to play with wool yarns. They’re soft and indulgent and just plain cushy. Now imagine taking a big hollow ball of 100% merino wool and letting your cat use it as a bed; the end result is an exclusive and extremely comfy hideout that doubles as a cat cave. Twin Critters’ KittiKubbi is a handcrafted cat cave made out of natural materials. If you want the ultimate cozy experience for your cat, there’s nothing else like the KittiKubbi out there. This proprietary cat bed is pliable; it moves with your cat and wraps your cat in its coziness. Your cat will definitely love being inside this little ball of comfort.

Durability and Reliability

Merino wool may be one of the softest yet toughest materials there is. The KittiKubbi is made of all-natural wool that’s breathable and free of any toxic chemicals. This cat bed naturally repels odors, stains, and dirt, so it’ll only need occasional cleaning, which mostly involved vacuuming or hand washing. Since you’ll never throw this cat bed in the wash (so as not to compromise the shape of the bed), you’ll never deteriorate its quality either. The KittiKubbi is resilient enough to prevent breakage due to cat scratching or clawing, and we believe that your cat will be too relaxed to ever feel the need to scratch while inside this cat cave.

Comfort Level

When it comes to the level of comfort this bed can bring, very few will compare. This is the type of cat bed that doesn’t warrant the need for any pillows or cushions because of how comfortable it already is. The wool is more than adequate to provide cushion for your cat while it’s inside the bed. The KittiKubbi has a small opening to allow your cat to get in and out of the bed. This opening is small enough that when your cat is inside, the entire bed warps around the body of your cat to keep it snug. Of course, the snugness will depend on how small or large your cat is, but there’s no doubt that your cat will feel relaxed when lounging inside the KittiKubbi.


This cat bed comes in one size—large. This means that the KittiKubbi can accommodate the tiniest cats to the largest. Imagine having a litter of kittens or a few dwarf cats. They’ll fit nicely and relaxingly inside one KittiKubbi. You’ll also have plenty of room to fit one or two average-sized cat breeds in just one cave. Of course, we can’t blame your cat if they don’t want to share, especially if they’re of the larger variety. Large breed cats such as Main Coons, the Ragdoll varieties, and all others will have enough room in the KittiKubbi to be just as cozy. The structure of the KittiKubbi molds to the cat while it’s inside, but it retains its shape enough that it doesn’t just fold over all over the place.

Cost and Value

With so many colorful selections, you can choose the perfect style of KittiKubbi for you and your cat; and for an average price, you’re really getting a true bargain. The best thing about the KittiKubbi is it doesn’t have to stay in one place. You can move it around your home as needed. In addition, you should also take into consideration that for the price of the KittiKubbi, you’re also getting a cat bed that has nothing toxic on it. The KittiKubbi has no synthetic materials whatsoever, so your cat will be getting the all-natural treatment. Because of the wool material, your cat will be temperate all-year round. The wool will keep your cat warm in the winter and cool during the summer months.


Your cat deserves something fun and playful to lounge in. The KittiKubbi is the perfect combination of utility and amusement for your cat. It also helps that the products look great and therefore will look wonderful in any area in your home. Cats are big fans of the KittiKubbi, and you will be too as soon as you feel just how soft they are to touch. You’ll be easily convinced that this is the right pet bed for your cat, and very little else can convince you to change your mind once you’ve seen or felt one.