Kong Classic Reviewed


Dogs get bored. It’s a fact that all dog owners could attest to. This is especially true when dogs are left alone at home for long periods of time. This is why dog owners have to provide their pets with different types entertainment—to prevent the destruction of furniture and other household items. Also as a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you prevent your dog from becoming too bored or too sad at any given day. One particular product that solves many issues for dogs and dog owners is the Kong Classic Dog Toy. This dog product has been around for over four decades and is a go-to product for many veteran dog owners.

Durability and Reliability

If there were a toy that can withstand continuous playing, it would be the Kong Classic. This toy is made with a rubber formula that’s unique to the company’s products. The rubber is designed to withstand all sorts of dog damage from chewing to endless fetching. The Kong Classic is the type of toy that your dog could enjoy from puppyhood to adulthood, especially since it offers different types of functions. The beautiful thing about this toy is that it works wonderfully regardless of what you might use it for. If it’s just to entertain your dog, the Kong Classic can provide hours of fun and play. If it’s to help with any type of training, the Kong Classic could also be one of the best tools that you could use.

Comfort Level

Given the amount of time that your dog will spend playing with the Kong Classic Toy, it’s notable that the toy itself is made of all-natural materials. You have to remember that almost all toys that dogs play with end up in their mouths somehow. Making sure that your dog toys are non-toxic is important. The Kong Classic’s rubber material is perfect for chewing. It won’t give way to sharp canine teeth, and it won’t cause any health problems either. That’s also a plus considering that one of the functions of this toy is to hold snacks and other types of doggy treats. You can stuff the Kong Classic with your dog’s favorites, and you could give your pet access to snacks anytime it wants. Otherwise, you could use the toy as part of a reward system during training.


One of the best things about the Kong Classic is the range of sizes it comes in. After all, you can’t expect a Shih Tzu to chew on a toy it can’t get its mouth on. The Kong Classic comes in six different sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. The X-Small Kong Classic is perfect for the smallest breeds that weigh less than 10 lbs. This category includes pocket dogs and breeds such as Chihuahas and Yorkies. In comparison, the XX-Large Kong Classic is made for the likes of Mastiffs and Saint Bernards. Any other size of the Kong Classic should correspond accordingly to the size of your dog.

Cost and Value

Within a dog’s lifetime, the cumulative expense on toys and other paraphernalia could easily add up to incredible amounts. Having an affordable and quality toy such as the Kong Classic is something that any dog lover would appreciate. The medium-sized Kong sells for only $11 apiece. That’s something absolutely invaluable given that the Kong Classic will last a lifetime. In addition, this toy could be the only toy your dog could ever need because of its multiple functions. The Kong Classic will help your pet companion through teething, boredom, separation anxiety, training, and many more. The largest Kong Classic toy (XX-Large) sells for roughly $25. It may seem like a lot for one toy, but to satisfy the needs of a large dog for a lifetime, it’s essentially priceless.

Durability and Reliability9.3
Comfort Level9
Cost and Value8.8
The Kong Classic Dog Toy as versatile as you could ever want a toy to be. There aren’t many dog toys out there that can check as many boxes as the Kong Classic can. Add that to the fact that it’s durable and non-toxic, and it makes the Kong Classic an absolute must if you’re a dog owner. This toy also happens to be highly recommended by dog trainers and veterinarians worldwide. If you want to give your dog a toy that can entertain, soothe, motivate, and challenge at the same time, the Kong Classic is and should be the most obvious choice.