Kong Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy Reviewed


When it comes to dog toys, you can count on Kong to deliver some of the most fun and creative. The Kong Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy is the kind of plaything that any dog would love to have. They’re fuzzy, bright, and extremely attractive. Cozies are some of the most original toys you could ever get for your pet companions. They come in ten different animal designs and colors that are sure to keep your dog entertained. And speaking of entertainment, the Cozie is equipped with a squeaky device that will keep your dog enticed for hours. And when your dog is done playing with a Cozie, it becomes the perfect toy for your dog to cuddle with.

Durability and Reliability

Don’t let the softness of the Cozie fool you. It may be plush, but this product is made with an extra sturdy material that acts as a strengthening layer. Because the Cozie is as cute could be, there’s no guarantee that your dog won’t want to chew on it. The Cozie is not designed to be a chew toy, but the fabric is strong enough to handle a little bit of chewing. In the event that your dog chews through the Cozie, don’t expect a huge mess of filling to come out because this toy doesn’t have much to begin with. Therefore, it’ll retain its softness, and you can pretty much expect that your dog will still want to cuddle with it—chewed on or not.

Comfort Level

The Cozie is definitely the ultimate snuggle toy for any dog. It doesn’t have enough filling to be considered a pillow, but it feels so soft to touch that your dog will use it as a pillow regardless. It’s also the perfect companion to bring along if ever you needed to travel with your dog. It’s light enough to keep in a carrying case to help your dog feel at home wherever it may be. In addition, when your furry friend is not using this as a comfort toy, the Cozie is also great for a game or two of fetch. You can be sure that your dog will never be harmed in any way while playing with the Cozie.


It’s amazing that the Kong company thinks about dog sizes even when it comes to toys. Most dog toys you see on the market comes in one size fits all, but the truth is different sized dogs have different needs. It only makes sense for larger dog breeds to have larger toys and vice versa. Smaller dog breeds need smaller toys as well. The Cozie happens to fulfill this requirement. It comes in three different sizes including small, medium, and extra large. The smallest size is roughly 3 to 11 inches long, while the extra large runs up to about 15 inches long. The sizes will vary depending on the Cozie character. The Cozie size you get should correspond to the size of the dog breed you have. Large dog breeds such as German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers will benefit the most from medium Cozies.

Cost and Value

The cost of Cozies varies depending on the size. Either way, it’s easy to say that Cozies are quite affordable. The smallest Cozie costs about $7, while medium characters are roughly $10 each. The extra large Cozies cost about $15 per character—a higher sum for a larger toy. Some might argue that Cozies are not a necessity, but there aren’t a lot of toys that could really qualify as such. Just know that getting your favorite pet a Cozie or two is just another way for you to show your dog exactly what you would do to keep it as happy as could be.

Durability and Reliability8.4
Comfort Level9.2
Cost and Value8.8
The Kong Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy is the kind of toy that you might find your dog carrying with it at all times. It’s easy to get attached to all the fun and colorful characters of the Kong Cozie, and that statement alone makes this a worthy buy for your pet. For one, the squeaking is plenty to keep your dog entertained, and everything else about the Cozie is all that your dog would ever need to feel comfortable and safe, especially when you aren’t around. This makes the Cozie more than just a splurge; it could easily be the toy that your dog should never be without.