Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed vs Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge


Dog beds these days are a far cry from the way they were decades ago. Technology has improved many beds out there, but there’s one bed design that’s really difficult to make better—the wraparound dog bed. Two brands out there, Majestic Pet and Petfusion, have managed to transform a classic dog bed design into the future. These dog beds are both great in their own ways, but we believe one is just slightly above the other. If you’ve been thinking about which dog bed might be best for your furry best friend, read on to find out which wraparound dog bed is better.

Durability and Reliability

Both brands have made this bed as indestructible as possible. Both the Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed and the Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge are made with waterproof materials. Both have removable covers that you can wash repeatedly with no problem; and both also have bolsters that will stay up no matter how much your dog may use the dog bed. Both Majestic Pet and Petfusion use a high loft polyester fill to bolster up its pillows, but Petfusion uses memory foam on their actual beds. Majestic Pet doesn’t. This is probably one of the biggest differences between the two, which makes Petfusion’s dog bed the better quality one in this aspect. Petfusion also advertises their product to be absolutely tear-resistant. It also happens to have a nonskid bottom—a feature that’s beneficial for a bed as such.

Winner: Petfusion’s dog bed is absolutely better in quality.

Comfort Level

When it comes to comfort, both beds provide ample of support and cushion to make your dog feel truly restful. While the Majestic Pet bed offers a more plush bed, Petfusion’s dog bed offers a more solid bed with its 4 inches of memory foam. The differences between the two are stark. You can describe Petfusion’s product to be more orthopedic than anything. While different dogs have different comfort needs, you can’t deny the benefits of having an orthopedic bed. It becomes clearer as your dog gets older and starts to develop bone issues. The Petfusion bed just gives a little bit more in this aspect.

Winner: Petfusion’s orthopedic quality is far superior.


Both the Petfusion bed and the Majestic Pet bed come in four different sizes to accommodate different dog breeds. Both brands have bed selections for small, medium, large, and extra large dog breeds. When it comes to sizing, both companies have really thought it all out. The smallest dogs such as Shih Tzus and Chihuahuas will find ample space in the smallest bed sizes. Equally, giant dogs such as Great Danes will find the extra large sizes from both brands to be just as accommodating. Petfusion and Majestic Pet score equally in this respect, with a slight advantage going for Majestic Pet because of more color choices. You never know when your dog would prefer red to gray, so it’s better just to have the option regardless.

Winner: This one is a draw! Both beds suit many breeds.

Cost and Value

The pricing is where these two brands really begin to contrast. Because of the make of their products, Petfusion’s beds are priced much higher in comparison. In fact, Petfusion’s most expensive and largest bed is priced more than thrice the price of Majestic Pet’s largest offering. This is largely due to the high quality memory foam material that makes up Petfusion’s dog beds. If you happen to have a giant dog, you could either choose to pay $240 for Petfusion’s largest bed or $70 for Majestic Pet’s largest size. The difference, apart from the amount, will essentially be the quality of bed that your dog will be using. You’ll have to weigh it all in to make a decision, especially if budget is a big factor.

Winner: Majestic Pet might be far too affordable for many to pass up.


Comparing both products is easy because they’re so similar. However, the difference of using polyester fill to memory foam is huge because it makes one bed average and one bed incredible. If you were looking to give your dog the best bed there is, you’d have to go for Petfusion’s Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge. Majestic Pet’s Suede Bagel Dog Bed is a good bed to lounge on, but if you’re thinking of long-term benefits for your pet, it’s just not enough. You’re better off investing in a great and orthopedically beneficial bed for your dog early on than have to deal with vet visits when your dog gets older. It’s something that no pet owner could afford to really bargain on.

Overall Winner: Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge