Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed vs Sheri Deep Dish Cuddler Sherpa Bed


If you’re an ardent dog fan, nothing probably makes you feel warmer inside than the thought of your own furry friend snuggling up next to you. Trust us when we say that your dog feels the same way about you. However, we all know that as much as we’d like to be snuggled up with our puppies all day, we just can’t. By providing your dog with a cozy bed, you can give it the comfort of a cuddle any time of the day. Dog beds that are rounded in shape are some of the most comfortable bed types out there. Here’s a comparison of two of the best in the market: the Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed and the Sheri Deep Dish Cuddler Sherpa Bed. We believe one of these dog beds is better than the other. Read on to find out.

Durability and Reliability

The shape of both the Majestic and Sheri beds is essentially the same. The Majestic Suede bed has sturdy bolsters that support the polyester walls up, but these walls aren’t as high as the Sheri bed. The Sheri bed has walls that go up 9 to 12 inches high, and these high walls will stay upright no matter how much your dog uses the bed. Both have waterproofed bases and are easy to clean. But perhaps the biggest difference is in the fact that the Sheri bed also happens to be mildew resistant. This just gives the Sheri bed a slight edge over the Majestic bed.

Winner: Being resistant to mildew makes the Sheri bed just slightly more reliable.

Comfort Level

We’ve already established that both the Majestic and Sheri beds are some of the most comfortable beds out there. The main differences in comfort between these two beds are the shape and materials used by the manufacturers. The Majestic dog bed is made with a soft suede material, but it isn’t nearly as comfortable in comparison to the Sheri dog bed that’s made out of Sherpa material. Sherpa is typically designed to be as soft as sheepskin, and the Sheri brand doesn’t disappoint whatsoever. Plus, the walls of the Sheri bed are much higher, which means that they provide a bigger hug compared to the Majestic bed.

Winner: Sherpa beats suede in this case.


When it comes to sizing, there’s a big difference between the Majestic and Sheri beds. The Majestic dog bed comes in four different sizes, which all accommodate to a variety of dogs—from the smallest pups such as Chihuahuas to the largest breeds such as Newfoundland dogs. The Sheri bed, on the other hand, only comes in one size. This means that your dog has to be smaller than 25 lbs. in order to take advantage of the comforts and benefits of this cuddly bed. Only small dog breeds such as Beagles and Dachshunds will fit in the Sheri bed.

Winner: The Majestic bed sizes make this brand suitable for more breeds.

Cost and Value

While the Sheri dog bed is affordable at about $20 per bed, the fact that it only comes in one size really works against it. By comparison, the smallest Majestic dog bed sells for just a little over $35 per bed, but the larger beds aren’t far in price. The largest Majestic Bagel dog bed sells for about $70 to $80 per bed. The largest Majestic pet bed can even fit at least two smaller dogs, and the fact that this is even available gives the Majestic beds a slightly higher value in comparison. Both beds serve a similar purpose, but more dog breeds will be able to use Majestic pet beds at the end of the day.

Winner: Because it offers more sizing options, the Majestic brand offers just a little more value.


It’s hard to determine whether your dog will fall in love with a specific type of dog bed, and the best test is usually an actual trial run. The best part about these beds is that no dog owner will ever have to spend an arm and a leg just to try these beds out; and both beds are fair guarantees that dogs of all breeds will love them. The slight advantage the Majestic Bagel dog beds have over the Sheri Deep Dish is the fact that the Majestic brand offers more sizes. Other than that, both beds are as comfortable as a cuddle.

Winner: Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed