Pawaboo Electronic Cat Toy Reviewed


Hide and seek is a favorite pastime for cats—so is a classic mouse chase. There’s a toy that gives your cat the best of both worlds: the Pawaboo Electronic Cat Toy. This is a toy designed to keep your cat on its toes. The Pawaboo is basically a round planter-style bin that has a solid microfiber top. This top has four holes where an electronic toy mouse randomly pops up and down to constantly capture your cat’s attention and drive it to play. It’s an excellent toy to keep your cat’s brain sharp and its instincts even sharper; it’s one of the the best toys out there that can keep your cat entertained.

Durability and Reliability

There are a few components to the Pawaboo toy that you should look into. The first is the overall make of the toy. The base of the Pawaboo is made with a durable ABS plastic material that’s strong enough to hold the weight of your cat. Your cat can jump on the toy or pounce on it with no issues. Its bright green color is attractive and also fun. You can also trust that the electronic portions of the toy will work as long as you keep the battery life going. The toy only needs 3 AA batteries to work, and this will provide your cat with hours upon hours of hide and seek, cat and mouse, scratching, and even lounging.

Comfort Level

It may be a simple toy, but it offers a lot of extra benefits for your cat—especially when it comes to comfort. The microfiber top of the toy is gentle enough to protect your cat’s paws, but it can also serve as a scratching post for your cat. If it isn’t turned on, the Pawaboo is comfortable enough to even serve as a lounge bed for the smallest cats when they get tired. As far as entertainment is concerned, this cat toy is also great for keeping boredom at bay, especially when you aren’t around to play hide and seek with your furry friend. It helps distract your cat from being lonely throughout the day, and it also helps keep your cat’s mental health in check. The toy also provides sufficient indoor exercise for days when outdoor time is just not feasible.


This cat toy is absolutely versatile enough to work with any breed. It doesn’t matter if you have the smallest Munchkin or the largest Rag Doll. The Pawaboo is suitable for any size of cat. Cats of all breeds can take advantage of the many play benefits of the toy—whether it’s for the ultimate game of hide and seek or for a simple and short game of cat and mouse chase. However, if your cat were to use this toy for a lounge bed or scratcher, it might be more appropriate if the cat is on the smaller side. The cat toy only measures 26 cm around the perimeter, so it’s rather too small for larger breeds.

Cost and Value

For just under $22, the Pawaboo cat toy might be a little on the pricier side for many cat owners. However, it’s important to weigh in the benefits when buying a cat toy. For you as a cat owner, this cat toy requires very minimal maintenance. You’ll only need to replace the battery, and as far as operation is concerned, you’ll only need to adjust the play setting to either fast or slow. This adds even more variety to what the toy can already do. The fact that it’s extra durable justifies the price even more. This is a one and done kind of toy—you buy one and you’ll have it for a long time.

Durability and Reliability8.9
Comfort Level9.2
Cost and Value8.9
The Pawaboo Electronic Cat Toy is a unique toy. There are many ways your cat can play chase or hide and seek, but this toy offers a safe and effective alternative. The Pawaboo even satisfies your cat’s instinctual need for running after something. You can stop worrying about your cat getting stuck or injured in small spaces from chasing down small insects or animals. The Pawaboo Electronic Cat Toy will provide entertainment for your cat guaranteed, especially when you aren’t around to ensure that it isn’t bored. If you want a sure way to keep your cat happy and active, you should probably have the Pawaboo Electronic Cat Toy at home.