PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge Reviewed


The unique look of PetFusion’s Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge is just the beginning of this pet bed’s many features. The design of the bed lends itself to its functionality. PetFusion considers their products as investments for pet owners. The company only manufactures with the best materials available, and they also do their part in keeping their products environment-friendly. The Ultimate Dog Bed looks comfortable enough that you might even be tempted to try it out. We urge that you do, so you could feel just how comfortable this dog bed truly is. Apart from comfort, the many features of this PetFusion bed starts with its sturdy quality.

Durability and Reliability

This entire dog bed is water resistant. You’ll never have to worry about a single accident ever again. In addition, the bed cover is completely tear-resistant. If you happen to have a dog that likes to rip things apart, it might meet its match with this PetFusion bed. The nonskid bottom will guarantee that the bed stays in place, wherever you may want it in your home. The entire cover of the bed is removable for easy washing and cleaning. It’s also easy to put back together, as the bolsters are already sewed in with the fabric cover. No matter how many times you might have to clean this cover, the material will maintain its character for a long time.

Comfort Level

PetFusion uses solid, high-density memory foam that’s 4 inches high. That’s more than the market standard for dog beds today, and the quality of the memory foam alone is also impressive. The memory foam will help eliminate or reduce any pains that your dog might normally experience, allowing for better rest and sleep. With better sleep comes improved mobility and energy and overall health. The bolsters are made with durable and recycled polyester fill that will give your dog ample neck and spine support. The bolsters are generally used as headrests, but your dog can use them however they wish to. It’s really just the type of lounging space that your dog would hate to get up from because of how comfortable it is.


The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge comes in four different sizes that can accommodate dog breeds that are medium to large-sized. The smallest bed measure 25 x 20 inches and can fit medium breeds such as Bulldogs and Terriers. The next size up is the large bed, which measures 36 x 28 inches. The Extra Large measures 44 x 34 inches, and the XXL Jumbo measures 50 x 40 inches. The large sizes should accommodate for any large dogs accordingly—even the biggest ones such as Great Danes and Newfoundlands. You’d have to decide which would be a better fit for your large breed. Many owners also use these beds to sleep multiple smaller dogs. The XXL Jumbo is certainly large enough to fit two or three Shih Tzus comfortably.

Cost and Value

These beds are more midrange in price, but that’s only a reflection of the quality of the products. It’s also a reflection on their size, considering that the beds are fairly large compared to industry standards. These beds are also durable enough to last you a long time, especially if you take the time to care for them as you should. That means spot cleaning whenever possible and regular cleanings to keep the materials fresh and free from built up dirt, dander, and hair. The smallest bed sells for $68 while the XXL Jumbo sells for just under $240. If you decide to fork out the money, just know that you have a 12-month warranty that guarantees the quality of the dog beds.

Durability and Reliability9
Comfort Level9.5
Cost and Value8.7
We know that you only want what’s best for your dog, and when it comes to pet beds, it’s easy to argue that PetFusion’s Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge is among the best options you could ever have. These beds are designed to give your dog the highest comfort and the most reliable support. The Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge is the perfect escape for your dog and the perfect match for your home. The bed has enough room for your dog’s favorite toys as well. If your dog just wants to relax and take a break, there’s no better place to do it than on this dog bed and lounge.