Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel – Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy Reviewed


Many cat owners struggle with keeping their cats active. After all, cats naturally prefer to lounge around than run around. However, exercise is important for cats to have; and for owners that have to leave their cats at home for most of the day, it can become difficult to provide sufficient amounts of activity to keep pets healthy. Proper Pet’s Collapsible Cat Tunnel provides a solution to this problem. This cat toy will not only encourage your cat to get up on its feet and run around; it’ll also help your cat keep itself entertained at any time during the day.

Durability and Reliability

This Collapsible Cat Tunnel is designed for rough play. It doesn’t matter whether you have one cat or several of them playing with this toy at the same time. The 190T polyester component that makes up majority of the toy can definitely handle it all. The toy also happens to be reinforced with a stainless steel frame. This guarantees that the tunnel will maintain its shape even after extended use. What’s even more impressive about this cat toy is the fact that it’s completely collapsible. You can break this 3-way tunnel apart in a matter of seconds, turning it immediately into portable fun. It also helps that the tunnel itself is machine-washable, which makes it much easier for you to keep clean for your pet.

Comfort Level

There’s no question that this cat toy will keep your cat mentally, emotionally, and physically satisfied. The entertainment that this toy can provide is endless. It has so many different features that guarantee the fact. Aside from the tunnels themselves, there are swinging bell toys, crinkly lining in one of the tunnels, and even a peephole for unlimited fun. The tunnels are resistant to tears or snagging, so you can be sure that the tunnel won’t just break apart over your cat. The Collapsible Cat Tunnel is as safe as any cat toy could ever be. While playing with the tunnel, your cat won’t even realize that it’s getting exercise at the same time. And if you wanted to give your cat a safe space to play outdoors, this is the perfect toy to take outside with you.


This toy offers over 50 inches of tunnel space, an incredible amount for such a compact toy. The heights of the tunnel openings are roughly 10 inches tall. It might not seem like much, but even large cats are able to squeeze in through such small openings. For safety’s sake, this toy is probably better for medium cat breeds such as Himalayan and Persian cats. If your cat weighs over 25 lbs., it’ll probably have difficulty navigating through the tunnels. But some large cat breeds that are long and lean shouldn’t have any issues running in and out of the tunnels. Savannahs and Bengal cats are great examples of these.

Cost and Value

There’s no shortage in color choices for you and your cat when it comes to this Prosper Pet toy. This cat toy comes in at least 10 different color combinations, but all of them are fun and sleek. There are no large designs or loud prints on any of the tunnels. Each 3-way tunnel sells for just under $20, and while it may sound like a bit much, the benefits of the cat toy far outweigh the cost of it. There are so many things about the Collapsible Cat Toy that really makes it worth the $20—possibly even more. The fact that the toy is both collapsible and washable makes the toy easier for you to maintain.

Durability and Reliability9.6
Comfort Level9.4
Cost and Value9.2
There are other tunnel options for cats out there, but none are as creative and durable as Prosper Pet’s Collapsible 3-Way Cat Tunnel. The amount of fun and play your cat will get from this toy has no limits. It’s going to be one of those toys that you’re likely to always have out and ready for play in your home. This toy has enough features to keep your cat interested, providing it with needed encouragement to keep active. This is the perfect toy for your cat to play with when you’re not around, and this toy can also be a great tool for you to have better active interactions with your pet cat.