Sheri Deep Dish Cuddler Sherpa Bed Reviewed


We’re not sure about you, but if there were one thing we love to do with our dogs, that would be cuddling. Dogs love cuddling just as much, but we all know that we can’t be around all day to make that happen for our beloved pets. This is why Best Friends by Sheri’s Deep Dish Cuddler Sherpa Bed is one of the best things you could ever buy for your furry friend. It’s just the type of dog bed that will keep your dog snuggled and warm anytime of the day, especially during times when you just have to be away.

Durability and Reliability

The Deep Dish Cuddler has plenty of other benefits and features that you and your dog will appreciate. This dog bed is constructed with unusually high walls—12 inches in the back and 9 inches in the front—in order to provide your dog with much needed security. These walls are sturdy and won’t lose shape whatsoever regardless of use. The bottom fabric is made up of a different material than the rest of the bed. It’s made with a strong nylon fabric that also allows the bottom of the bed to be completely water resistant. The bottom will also prevent the buildup of dust or mildew. The best part of it all is how easy it is to clean up this bed. One round in the washer and dryer and you’re done with cleaning. You can do this repeatedly as needed without ever damaging the Sherpa material.

Comfort Level

The sense of security and comfort this bed can provide is absolutely unrivaled. There really aren’t many products like it in the market currently. The deep pocket of this bed literally translates to deep comfort. The Sherpa fabric alone is designed to create a therapeutic experience for your dog. It can be laid flat, folded, or burrowed in. Regardless of how your dog sleeps in it, it’s guaranteed to bring an incredible level of peace that could only bring better sleep and better rest. And with that comes better health and improved behavior as well. Even more, the entire bed is only made of pet-safe materials, so you can be at peace knowing that your dog is sleeping in something completely non-toxic.


Unfortunately, this dog bed is limited when it comes to size—it only comes in one and it’s definitely not one size fits all. The Deep Dish Cuddler is made with smaller dog breeds in mind, specifically 25 lbs. and under. Smaller dog breeds such as Beagles, Chihuahas, Dachshunds, Lhasa Apsos, and Malteses will absolutely enjoy this cozy dog bed. If you have any other small dog breeds similar to those, then you’re just in luck. If you have a couple of teacup dogs or toy dogs, you might even be able to put them together in one of these cuddler beds. The bed may be small, but it’s packs plenty when it comes to comfort and design.

Cost and Value

When it comes to price, this Best Friends by Sheri product is totally unmatched. At just under $20 per bed, you can very well collect every single color the bed comes in, and it’ll still cost you less than other beds out there. For what you’re getting at that price, the Deep Dish Cuddler is a real steal. Given the fact that this bed is extremely portable as well, you’d really only need one. You can take it wherever your pet might need it. In addition, the AirLOFT fibers inside the bed will keep it sturdy and fluffy three times longer than its market competition.

Durability and Reliability8.9
Comfort Level9.6
Cost and Value9.4
It’s difficult to compare this Deep Dish Cuddler Sherpa Bed from Best Friends by Sheri to any other pet bed because there’s really nothing like it out there, especially for smaller breeds. This Sherpa bed brings unrivaled comfort and security for your littlest companions, and it does this with the simplest yet most ingenious design. This dog bed will be a second set of arms for your most cherished companion when you can’t be present; it might even be a necessity for your home. The Deep Dish Cuddler dog bed is exactly the type of pet bed that will never go unused. It will be your dog’s favorite thing in your home.