Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy Reviewed


Once in a while, you come across a pet toy that’s so unique and useful that you just have to have it. That’s exactly what Smart Pet Love’s Snuggle Puppy Toy is all about. This toy is more than just a plaything; it’s also a behavioral aid that can help your dog go through the roughest times. One truth about being a pet owner is that you just can’t be there for your dog at all times. This is especially true for majority of pet owners that work full time jobs. Leaving your dog alone is inevitable, and giving it something to keep itself company with is just the right thing to do.

Durability and Reliability

All major components of the Snuggle Puppy are built to last. The outer shell of the toy is made with a plush material that’s guaranteed to keep your dog cozy and unbelievably warm. In fact, this product even comes with heat inserts to mimic the warmth of an actual physical body. What makes this product truly unique is the beating heart device that’s inside every single toy. This mimics an actual heartbeat as close to real as possible, so your dog will never feel like it’s alone. The Snuggle Puppy just works, and it does so impressively even with just the two AAA battery required for it to work. If you leave the heart on constantly, it will last you 2 straight weeks of continuous beating.

Comfort Level

The amount of comfort that this toy will bring your pet is something that you really can’t put a price on. It’s amazing how this toy could soothe. The Snuggle Puppy can help dogs that are experiencing anxiety and depression after being left alone. In addition, it can also benefit dogs that are going through so many other emotions and situations. The Snuggle Puppy can benefit pets that have just gone through surgery, a major illness, or other dogs that are still going through a rough health patch. This toy can also assist in the transition of puppies into new families. The warmth, the softness, and the heartbeat all work together to provide your dog with something that not many other toys could, which is true comfort.


The Snuggle Puppy comes in a couple of styles with different colors. They come at just over a foot long and under a foot wide. Unfortunately, the toy only comes in this one size, but it is expected to do what it’s supposed to for your dog regardless of its breed and size. This snuggle toy is probably most suitable for dogs that are small to medium in size such as Beagles, Labrador Retrievers, Basset Hounds, and Schnauzers. However, there’s really no reason why large to extra large dogs couldn’t benefit from the Snuggle Puppy either. No matter how big your dog may be, it’ll still feel the warmth and heartbeat that’s most crucial to experience with this particular toy.

Cost and Value

We’ve probably established that this toy is not your average pet toy. It has so many layers of physical, mental, and emotional benefits that make it utterly worth more than what you’d have to pay for it. The Snuggle Puppy ranges in price from $29 to about $40 each, depending on the puppy design. The most expensive Snuggle Puppy has medium brown fur, dark brown ears and nose, a rounded face, and curvy closed eyes. They’re absolutely adorable to say the least. You’re also going to want to add in the cost of the heat packs, which you can purchase separately. One six-pack sells for $15, and one heat pack will last for 24 hours of continuous heat. Lastly, the only other expenses you’ll have with this toy are the batteries that will need replacing from time to time.

Durability and Reliability9.5
Comfort Level9.8
Cost and Value9.4
As a pet owner, you should never have to feel guilty about leaving your dog alone at home. Sometimes it’s just what you have to do. Fortunately, there’s a way for you to show your dog that you always have him or her in your thoughts. The Snuggle Puppy Toy is more than what it may initially look to be. This amazing toy is what’s going to keep anxiety, fear, sadness, and boredom at bay when you’re not around to do that for your pet. It’s a worthy stand-in for times when you can’t hold your dog the way you want to. As much as you should never feel guilty about leaving, your dog should also never have to feel alone. The Snuggle Puppy ensures that and much, much more.