SmartyKat Skitter Critter Cat Toy Reviewed


If there were one thing that cats are more obsessed with other than mice, it would probably be catnip. The Skitter Critter Cat Toy is not your average toy; it’s basically a toy mice and a catnip toy rolled into one. It really can’t get any better for a pet cat. This simple toy provides the most classic play that any cat could enjoy, but even something as simple as this can give your cat hours upon hours of playtime. It’s exactly the kind of toy that every cat household should have.

Durability and Reliability

When it comes to durability, the Skitter Critter can handle more than it may seem. The fabric material of the mice is strong enough to withstand the sharp claws and sharp teeth of any cat. This is a good thing considering that your cat will be dragging each mouse around as if it were real. The high quality seams are also guaranteed to handle all the beating. In addition, the fiberfill is made out of durable recycled plastic, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about your cat inhaling lint or fabric fill that’s not good for it. The catnip inside every mouse is certifiably organic and pure. Your cat will find this toy completely irresistible and fun.

Comfort Level

The soft and plush make of this cat toy will never hurt your cat in any way. The realistic size of the toy mice will make your cat believe that it’s actually playing with real animals. But the best comfort point of the Skitter Critter is the catnip. Catnip is something that most cats are naturally fascinated and obsessed with. The fact that the Skitter Critter has some pretty potent catnip guarantees that your cat will be playing with this toy nonstop. You might find your cat going through bouts of activity before settling down to catnip calm afterwards, and then it’ll just repeat the process all over again. Not many cat owners will be able to tell you why cats love catnip so much, but they’ll be able to tell you how much of a behavior difference catnip truly makes.


They may be tiny as ever, but these Skitter Critter toys will work for any size and breed of cats. It doesn’t matter how big or small your cat may be; it’s also not going to matter how playful or calm it is. It doesn’t matter whether you have a fluffy cat or a lean cat, and it’s certainly not going to matter if you have one cat or twenty. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a toy more universal than the Skitter Critter cat toy. The simple idea behind the toy is so effective: take things that cats are naturally attracted to and turn them into playthings. Whether your furry friend is a Siamese or a Maine Coon, you’ll find that the Skitter Critter is a toy that it’ll absolutely love.

Cost and Value

If you thought that the Skitter Critter is impressive up to this point, just wait until you hear how much they cost. It might be surprising to many, but a 3-pack of Skitter Critters will only cost you less than $2—$1.97 from most online stores as a matter of fact. It’s actually great that these cat toys only cost that much because you’re going to want to buy multiples of it. This is because your cat will become very good at hiding these toys; your cat will think that it’s hiding real mice that it has eradicated. Of course, you can always reintroduce the ones you find, but it might take you awhile to find the mice that your cat hides. Cats are just naturally good at hiding things.

Durability and Reliability9
Comfort Level9.4
Cost and Value9.8
There’s absolutely no doubt that you should get at least a set or two of Skitter Critters for your beloved cat pet. The price of the toys certainly won’t stop you, and the benefits your cat will get from merely playing with these toys should only push you to buy them even more. The Skitter Critter cat toys are the kind of toys your cat will never tire of playing with. You can take one or two mice with you anywhere you go, and you can even hide them around the house for your cat to find. It’ll essentially be an endless game of finder’s keepers for your cat. And the best part about it all is that you’ll never have to deal with a dead mouse at home.
Reader Rating: (1 Rate)9.2