StarMark Bob-A-Lot Reviewed


If you knew about a toy that can challenge, entertain, and feed your dog all at the same time, you’d probably have it already. If you think that such a thing doesn’t exist, here’s the good news: it does. StarMark’s Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy is probably one of the most useful and unique dog toys in the market. It’s one of only a handful of toys that could provide nourishment for your pet while providing play at the same time. If you tend to be away from your dog for long periods of time, the Bob-A-Lot is something that your dog should never be without.

Durability and Reliability

The minds behind the Bob-A-Lot certainly took it into consideration that this toy would get an incredible amount of interaction from dogs that are eager to get treats. The Bob-A-Lot is made with a sturdy plastic material that can withstand incessant nudging and wobbling. As soon as your dog figures out that this toy dispenses treats when pushed around, you’ll see that the playing will be nonstop. The Bob-A-Lot is strong enough to handle hours upon hours of pushing and nudging; the parts will remain intact, and the function of treat dispensing will never get affected. The bottom of the toy is weighted, but it won’t ever hurt your pet. The anti-slip feature also supports the function of the toy to wobble as it is played with.

Comfort Level

The Bob-A-Lot brings a different kind of comfort than most dog owners automatically think of. The Bob-A-Lot is the kind of toy that will provide your dog with hours of entertainment and distraction for that matter. It’s the perfect solution for dogs that go through varying degrees of separation anxiety. Apart from the fact that it can provide your dog entertainment, the Bob-A-Lot can also provide your dog enough nourishment for a full meal. The large chamber at the bottom of the toy is big enough to hold up to three cups of dried dog food. Even if you have to leave your pet for a few hours, you’ll feel at ease knowing that your dog will have plenty to keep itself occupied and satisfied.


This treat-dispensing toy comes in two different sizes—small and large. These two sizes are enough to accommodate all dog breeds. The small Bob-A-Lot is obviously appropriate for the smallest breeds to medium-sized dogs such as Beagles and Bulldogs. The large Bob-A-Lot is perfect for larger breeds such as Rottweilers and Poodles. In addition to these two sizes, the Bob-A-Lot can be configured to adjust the difficulty level for your dog. If your dog needs a little more challenge to stay entertained and curious, you can simply minimize the opening on the bottom of the toy. If your dog needs a little more help, just widen the opening to allow the easier flow of treats.

Cost and Value

All dogs—no matter what size and breed—will definitely find the Bob-A-Lot to be surprisingly stimulating. They’re affordable enough for you to have multiples at home. You can even have different treats in different Bob-A-Lots. The small size sells for just $10 each, while the large size is double the price at $20 each. If you happen to have different breeds of dogs that are different in sizes, you should definitely have both sizes available in your home. What’s great about the Bob-A-Lot is the fact that you may be buying it for one reason, but you’ll get plenty of other benefits and features included in a single purchase. It’s also durable enough to last a while; so one purchase might be all you’ll ever need.

Durability and Reliability8.8
Comfort Level9.1
Cost and Value8.9
Giving your pet a Bob-A-Lot to play with can bring many different benefits. It can provide your dog with superior stimulation even when it’s just trying to get some snacks. The challenge of the toy will help keep your dog mentally sharp and curious. It can also provide some exercise and of course—a lot of fun. For you as a dog owner, you’ll also get the added bonus of watching your dog go crazy over the Bob-A-Lot. For many of us dog lovers, it’s enough to know that our dogs are capable of rewarding themselves with their favorite treats even when we aren’t around to provide them. The Bob-A-Lot is the perfect reward system for any dog that’s willing to tackle the challenge.