The Best Cat Flea Treatment Products For Every Type of Cat


Treating your cat for fleas can be a troublesome task, but there are so many cat flea treatments to make caring for your fuzzy friends a no-brainer! Check out some of the top cat flea treatments on the market here:

Frontline Plus for Cats

One of the most popular and reliable brands for cat flea treatment, Frontline Plus topical treatment protects your pet against fleas of every life stage – pupae, adult, and larvae – so you’ll break free from the flea cycle! This fast-acting, waterproof formula will also protect your favorite feline friend against ticks and chewing lice and need only be applied once every thirty days. Frontline Plus for Cats can be used on kittens (over 1.5lbs and 8 weeks old) and adult kitties alike, so your whole kitty family can be flea free together!

Sentry Fiproguard Plus for Cats

Made with the same veterinarian-recommended active ingredients as Frontline Plus, Sentry Fiproguard Plus helps protect instantly when your cat has fleas. It is safe to use on kittens over 1.5lbs and older than 8 weeks in age. Fiproguard Plus is a waterproof, topical treatment that when applied to your cat’s back and will guard against Lyme-disease spreading ticks, chewing lice, and fleas in any stage of the life cycle – so no need to worry about repeat outbreaks! Sentry is another great long-term option for a cat flea treatment.

Sentry Capguard for Cats

This oral flea treatment is suitable for cats between 2 and 25lbs that are over 4 weeks old. Despite being an oral treatment, Sentry Capguard for Cats starts working in as quick as 30 minutes and is guaranteed to have your pet flea-free within 24 hours. With these tablets, you don’t have to worry about applying creams or sprays but you may need to consider a long-term option if your cat is prone to regular flea outbreaks. However, this FDA-approved treatment can be given once a day if needed!

PetArmor FastCaps for Cats

This budget-friendly cat flea treatment option is great for when your cat has fleas already. Good for cats (and dogs!) that are at least 4 weeks old and between 2-25lbs, this tablet will get rid of any flea outbreak your kitty happens to catch. Research studies showed that most (90%) of adult fleas on cats were killed within 6 hours after administering PetArmor FastCaps, meaning you don’t have to wait very long for your feline friend to fall out of misery!

Adventure Plus for Cats

This tough topical treatment starts working on contact against your pet’s pesky visitors. You can use Adventure Plus for Cats on kittens over 8 weeks and any cat that weighs over 5lbs – choose the small cat (5-9lbs) or large cat (over 9lbs) option to ensure the optimal treatment for your fur babies. The waterproof formula protects even after shampooing and will continue to protect against adult fleas, larvae and eggs for four weeks.

Advantage II Flea Prevention for Cats

Brought to you by the trusted Bayer brand, the Advantage II Flea Prevention for Cats is a once-monthly external treatment that helps keep your pets flea free. This odorless topical treatment is easy to apply and comes pre-measured specifically for two cat size ranges (5-9lbs or 9lbs and above). Any cat above six months can be treated with this waterproof application for easy flea protection for all your fuzzy friends!

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

If you and your pet aren’t fond of regular cat flea treatments, the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar by Bayer may be the solution for you! A simple collar that slowly releases a blend of chemicals over time helps keep your cats flea and tick free for up to 8 months! This odorless, no-fuss treatment is a great alternative to pills and topical treatments and comes veterinarian recommended.

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Gentle-Mist Spray for Cats

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Gentle-Mist Spray Pets is a natural treatment option made from essential oils and plant-based ingredients. Created with cats in mind, the gentle misting spray is easy to apply and will protect your feline friends from fleas, flea eggs, and ticks – plus, it repels mosquitoes. Made in the USA, this cat flea treatment’s proven formula kills on contact without chemicals – so give it a try today!

Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet Shampoo

Another natural option for your furry friend, the Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet Shampoo helps rid your pet of fleas without the use of chemical pesticides. Safe for cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens over 6 weeks old, this shampoo is effective on fleas, ticks and lice and can be used whenever an outbreak occurs. Although it won’t provide long-lasting protection from fleas, it can be combined with other treatments!

Flea Away Vitamin Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Formulated for cats and dogs, this vitamin is USA-made and repels your pets’ pesky pests without the use of toxic or synthetic chemicals. The Flea Away Vitamin Treatment is liver-flavored to be extra enticing to your pet and will help them develop a natural repellent against fleas, ticks and even mosquitoes. Flea Away works by giving your cat an odor (undetectable to humans) that will deter a range of insects, ensuring your pet will not only keep pests away but never even get bit! Try the long-sustaining Flea Away Vitamin Treatment to start protecting your furry best friends from fleas and ticks today!

Editor’s Choice

There are so many flea treatment options for your favorite fluffball it can be hard to choose. If fleas are a recurring problem for you and your kitty, we suggest trying the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats by Bayer – a long-standing favorite on the market, proven to provide up to eight months of protection from cat fleas. If flea outbreaks are few and far between, we recommend trying a natural product, such as Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Gentle-Mist Spray for Cats to help protect against your pet without the use of harsh chemicals!