The Best Cat Leashes and Harnesses


One of the most fun things to do with your favorite feline friend is spend time outdoors. Watch them play, sniff and explore a whole new world, when you take them for a walk with one of these kitty leashes. There is a whole selection of great harnesses and leashes to choose from, so whether your cat is extra-wild, or just likes to roam, we’re confident that we’ve got the right leash to get you walking!

PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness & Bungee Cat Leash


This harness and leash duo comes in three sizes so you’ll be sure to have an optimal shape for any sized kitty. Two adjustable points allow for a comfortable, no-pinch fit and seven different colors allow for easy coordination in multi-cat homes! The special bungee leash gives your cat a little extra ‘give’ so your pet can pull without getting hurt or you losing control. The four feet of leash will give your kitty plenty of room to safely explore the great outdoors!

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

The cat harness for cats that hate harnesses! Made from a flexible, breathable, and washable cotton, any cat will find comfort in these cooly designed harnesses. The Kitty Holster Cat Harness makes walking your cat, veterinary visits, and road trips or family adventures a real blast. Available in four sizes, you know your cat will be as eager to explore the natural world as you!

LupinePet Originals H-style Harness for Small Pets

These easy to affix harness comes in a variety of styles and designs for pet owners that love to keep their cat stylish. Simply place this harness on the back of your kitty’s neck and clip the straps around the neck and chest to secure. Both bands are adjustable to make sure the harness fits safely and snugly around your furry friend. Available in two, adjustable sizes, you’ll be sure to find a fun print that your kitty will love to wear!

Voyager Soft Harness for Pets

These soft and plush harnesses are made of three layers for maximum comfort and durability. The exterior corduroy layer is chic and comfortable on your kitty’s fur and won’t pull or pinch. Velcro straps are easy to put on while the durable clip and double leash rings mean you can walk your feline friends without a worry. Available in five different sizes and five fun colours, there is a Voyager Soft Harness for every cat!

Puptek Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash

This guaranteed escape-proof harness and leash set will allow you to confidently bring your kitty outdoors and on family and friend outings with ease. The soft mesh material is breathable and comfortable for even the most rambunctious of kitties, and the strong clips will make sure your kitty doesn’t scape! Available in black, red, and pink and in three different sizes, any cat – from kitten to oldtimer – will enjoy strolling along in the Puptek Escape Proof Cat Harness.

Bond & Co Cat Harness

These too-cool-for-school cat harnesses come in funky prints and patterns like cartoon cat skull and bones or a fun fishy-print. With adjustable clips on the straps, fitted for the neck and chest, these cute harnesses can fit a wide range of cats. Affixed with a leash ring, you can attach any leash to the Bond & Co Cat Harness to take your purrfectly dressed kitty on any outdoor expedition – they’ll surely be the talk of the town in this fancy garb!

Dexil Luxury Cat Harness

Available in five bright colors and two sizes this sturdy, padded harness is made of high quality materials that will make both you are your kitty feel safe while exploring the ‘hood. Water resistant for all weather and easy washing, the Dexil Luxury Cat Harness is an affordable option for those wanting to give cat harnesses a try. These are also great for outdoor cats that are prone to exploring – get a bright color and be comforted by the fact that your cat will always be easy to see!

Puppia Cat Harnesses

A favorite for pet lover’s everywhere – Puppia Cat Harnesses are made of comfortable, padded fun fabrics. Originally made for small dogs, these harnesses were so popular with cat lovers, the brand went ahead and made a special line just for cats! Available in cute patterns like polka dots or checkered bows, and in a variety of cuts and styles – your cat will love slipping into its Puppia Harness. Comfortable for both lounging and walking, you can’t go wrong with this highly-rated brand.

Onson Cat Harness and Leash

Made of sturdy nylon in three classic colours, the Onson Cat Harness is suitable for any cat under 12lbs. Adjustable buckles and bands allow you to fit the harness on cats of any size and make snapping on and off easy. Complete with a 4-foot leash, this affordable set is a great starting point to getting your cats exploring outside.

Meeyou Little Pet Adjustable Mesh Harness with Leash

With four funky colours and three sizes, the Meeyou Little Pet Adjustable Mesh Harness and Leash set simply slips onto your kitty for easy use. Choose a size that will fit over your cat’s neck and then simply tighten the chest to ensure a snug fit. The 4-foot leash is made strong enough for dogs, so you don’t have to worry about any escaping kitties!

Editor’s Choice

Each cat harness and leash comes with its own unique properties, so make sure to find one that suits the needs of you and your feline companion. If you want to start with something simple, a set like the PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness & Bungee Cat Leash is an affordable, easy-to-use option. If you like to keep your kitty stylin’ the Bond and Co Pet Harnesses are undeniably some of the cutest harnesses out there. And if you want the best of function and fashion we cannot recommend the Puppia Cat Harnesses enough. High ratings, great fabrics, and excellent manufacturing will have both you and your cat exploring a new world in no time!