The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed Reviewed


There’s no better way to show off your beautiful cat companion than by taking it off of the floor and elevating its bed above ground. There’s no cat bed out there like The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed. Standing at a little over a feet above the ground, this cat bed is just as unique as your cat is. It almost looks like a throne for your beloved pet, and it’s probably one of the most stylish cat beds you could ever find. Even though it’s off the ground, your cat won’t have any difficulty climbing into it. It might even add a fun feature for your cat to be able to jump up to get into its bed.

Durability and Reliability

The entire body of this Kitty Ball Bed is made out of nontoxic and durable materials. Poly rattan is a popular material when it comes to furniture, and this cat bed is made with the highest quality poly rattan available. Knowing that cats like to scratch and play, this material will not break when clawed and is highly resistant to scratches and other damages that your cat might otherwise normally inflict. It’s especially important for this cat bed to be able to bear weight and withstand damage since it is elevated. Although cats are agile and flexible, you’ll never want their beds to buckle from underneath them, and this bed is a great option against that kind of breakage and damage.

Comfort Level

Don’t think that your cat will be resting on durable yet rigid poly rattan. This Refined Feline bed comes with a soft cushion that can easily be taken out for cleaning. Apart from this cushion, the domed area the bed has will also give your cat a feel of enclosure and comfort. Your cat will definitely enjoy lounging on this cushion, but the best part about this dome or basket is the fact that there’s enough room to supplement the bed with added cushion if desired. You’ll have enough room for your cat’s favorite pet toy or even a nice thick blanket or a fluffy pillow for added softness and comfort.


Since this Kitty Ball Bed is not supported by the ground, you’ll want to make sure that your cat is not too big for the bed altogether. The space in the 17” dome is not unbounded, so you’ll want to make sure that your cat has room to move around inside. In that case, cat breeds that are smaller will be the best fit for this cat bed. Breeds such as the Devon or the Cornish Rex will fit greatly in these beds, but most average size cats will be comfortable in this Refined Feline bed as well. Cats that weigh up to about 15 lbs. should fit right in. In addition, we’ve also read of some cat owners who have 20 lb. cats sleep perfectly well in this bed. If you have a bigger cat, you’ll have to determine whether this cat bed will be comfortable enough; but just know that the bed itself will be able to handle the weight of any cat.

Cost and Value

The bed itself may cost more than what you would normally pay for a typical cat bed, but just remember that there’s absolutely nothing typical about The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed. This cat bed is both form and function; it’s just as useful as it is aesthetically pleasing. You can think of this as a piece of furniture or a statement piece in your home that also acts as a lounge area for your cat companion. For the price you’ll pay for such a piece, you’re getting not only the looks but the purpose as well. The poly rattan make will let this cat bed last you and your cat a long time.


This is certainly the kind of bed that your cat will enjoy climbing into and relaxing in. Who says that your cat can’t relax in style? Let your cat be on the same level as you when you’re both just lounging. You don’t ever have to sacrifice your style when it comes to your cat’s bed. Of course, you should know that this bed is more than just its looks. You’ll also be giving your cat the best in comfort and relaxation if ever you decide to purchase this ball bed.