Trendy Pet Cat Bed vs K&H Manufacturing Amazin Kitty Pad


Cats spend majority of their days napping. It’s just in their nature to do so. It’s also in their nature to get cozy however they can. Cat lovers can give their pets a helping hand by simply providing a designated comfy space for their cats to sleep in. There are many different kinds of cat beds out there, and each one will have its own features and benefits. Two of the most comfortable beds out there, the Trendy Pet Cat Bed and K&H Manufacturing’s Amazin’ Kitty Pad, are favorites among pet owners. There are a few differences between the two; so in order to see which type of bed is better than the other, we’ve done a comparison of their features.

Durability and Reliability

All cat beds are guaranteed to sustain some kind of wear and tear at some point. After all, cats do have claws. But there are beds made to stand up to even the sharpest of claws. The microtec center of the Trendy Pet cat bed is as sturdy as any bed could be. It’s made to withstand the regular damage of daily use. K&H’s cat bed is just as strong. It also happens to be lightweight and resistant to sun damage, which means that your cat can lounge by the window as much as it wants. When it comes to durability and reliability, both of these beds are great choices.

Winner: It’s a tie! Trendy Pet and K&H Manufacturing are equally strong.

Comfort Level

Each of these cat beds offer a different kind of comfort. The Trendy Pet bed is all about the plush kind of comfort. It’s made entirely out of foam, and the four upright sides provide a pillow for your cat to use. There’s definitely no uncomfortable spot on this bed, especially since the bed cover is all microfiber . While the K&H Kitty Pad uses much thinner fill in comparison, it offers comfort in a different way. The K&H cat bed comes in two forms: heated or unheated. The heated version uses a removable heater to keep the pad nice and warm for your cat, while the unheated version acts as a natural insulator.

Winner: The Trendy Pet will keep your cat comfier year-round with its foam and microfiber.


Both the Trendy Pet and K&H Manufacturing cat beds only come in one size. The good thing about these beds is that they’re both large enough to accommodate even the largest cat breeds. This means that small to average cats will have more than enough space on either bed as well. However, there’s a high likelihood that a Maine Coon will outgrow the Trendy Pet bed by the time it turns 2 years old. So if you have a jumbo cat, you’re probably safer with the K&H cat bed.

Winner: K&H just offers a little more extra space for the largest cat in the house.

Cost and Value

There’s plenty of value in both of these cat beds, and they also happen to be both affordable. It’s important to compare the value in each one in order to see which can offer more. The Trendy Pet bed is more of the traditional kind. It’s soft; it’s plush. It also looks the more inviting one out of the two. The K&H bed does have the option for heat, but that’s not something that cats will need in the warmer months. There are also other ways to supplement heat—blankets, pillows, or even portable heaters if necessary. However, there’s just no replacing the amount of foam and the overall form of the Trendy Pet cat bed.

Winner: It’s a close one, but Trendy Pet offers just a little more softness for your cat to enjoy.


All in all, both cat beds are great; but the Trendy Pet Cat Bed is ultimately the better one here. Its traditional features and form are what your cat will be more comfortable with in the end. While the K&H Kitty Pad might offer something extra during the winter months, it isn’t anything that you can’t supplement for your cat if truly needed. In addition, the plushness of the Trendy Pet bed is just something that your pet will appreciate. It gives your cat plenty of space away from the hardness of floors, windowsills, and countertops. With the Trendy Pet bed, your cat will finally have its own favorite space for napping in your home.

Overall winner: Trendy Pet Cat Bed