Trendy Pet Cat Bed Reviewed


Traditional cat beds are often your best bet. They provide your cat with something basic to lounge on, and they’re fairly inconspicuous anywhere you put them in your home. However, they often tend to lean on the shabby side even when they’re still rather new. This is mainly due to poor manufacturing and design. What Trendy Pet has done with their cat beds is elevate the traditional cat bed through better designs and materials. As a cat lover, you should only get what’s best for your furry companion, and getting it a Trendy Pet Cat Bed is something your cat will appreciate.

Durability and Reliability

When it comes to quality, Trendy Pet doesn’t hold back with this product. Manufactured with a strong, microtec center, this bed will hold up well against the wear and tear your playful cat will put on it. It can also endure the sharpest of teeth and nails, so you can be assured you won’t have to deal with torn fabric and filling everywhere. This cat bed is durable enough to handle regular cleanings, and it can even be thrown in the washer and the dryer. While most cat beds will deteriorate after so many washings, the Trendy Pet bed is designed to withstand daily use. This cat bed will definitely not look shabby at all even after you’ve used it for a while.

Comfort level

We all know that cats are the best at lounging, and what better place can they rest their tails than on this Trendy Pet cat bed? It looks comfortable and feels exactly that. The thick bolster foam on the actual bed is ultra-soft, and the same foam surrounds the four sides of this rectangular cat bed. There’s no doubt that your cat will find a comfortable spot anywhere on this bed. Covering the foam bolster is a high-quality microfiber fabric that provides both soft comfort and sturdy support for your feline friend. You can’t get any more luxurious than this, and it’s something that your cat definitely deserves. Since this bed comes in one piece, you’ll also never have to worry about the bed coming apart while your cat is fast asleep.


Regardless of what size your cat may be, the Trendy Pet cat bed will be a perfect fit. Measuring at 17” x 22” x 7”, this pet bed may be small compared to others, but there’s plenty of room in it to fit small to average-sized cats. The size of an average cat is roughly about 9 to 10 inches in height. This means your pet will have enough room to roll around in the Trendy Pet cat bed. You can put a Maine Coon on it, but that breed will likely outgrow this cat bed. You’ll be better off with a larger bed if you have a large cat breed. Otherwise, this Trendy Pet bed can be home for your kitten up until it becomes a medium-sized adult cat.

Cost and Value

This cat bed is extremely affordable, especially considering how enduring it can be. It’ll certainly save you from having to buy another cat bed sooner than you would if you didn’t have a bed that’s as durable. With the Trendy Pet cat bed, however, you’re buying more than just durability and comfort. You’re also buying the carefully crafted designs that make this traditional pet bed extraordinarily stylish and luxurious. You and your pet cat should never settle for anything that doesn’t look or feel as modern and trendy. This cat bed also comes in a choice of four different colors: gray, navy blue, spice, and yellow. Every single one of these colors will surely go with your style: you can go bold or subtle. Either way, these cat beds simply look good.


For the price you’ll be paying for this cat bed, you really can’t go wrong with Trendy Pet. The beds have a more traditional look to them, so it’s much easier for you to imagine how these beds would look in your home. You’ll very much appreciate how long these would last you, and we’re pretty sure your cat will enjoy getting used to this bed for a long time to come.