Well & Good Handheld Pet Brush Reviewed


There’s no other domestic animal out there that loves grooming more than the cat does. It’s the reason why you might find your cat constantly cleaning and grooming its own coat. You can certainly help your cat with its grooming tendencies through regular brushing. The Well & Good Handheld Pet Brush is one of the most versatile brushes you could get for your cat. It’s got the best of both worlds. With soft bristles on one side and pin bristles on the other, no cat coat could ever put up a fight. With this Well & Good cat brush, your cat can kiss tangles, excessive shedding, and unruly hairs altogether.

Durability and Reliability

This dual-sided brush is as sturdy as you’d want your pet brush to be. The side with the soft bristles is designed to brush away loose hairs as needed. The bristles are soft enough not to harm your cat during brushing, but don’t expect them to lose shape after regular use. The other side with the pin bristles is just as well made. The pin bristles are topped with soft tips that help with detangling unmanageable hair during bath time. There’s no cat coat out there that these pin bristles couldn’t sort out. Both brushes will stay in place and will work seamlessly as long as they’re cleaned after use and stored properly.

Comfort Level

Brushing is something that cats find comfortable and soothing. The fact that using this Well & Good handheld brush comes with other benefits is just added bonus. Regular brushing using the soft bristles will help condition the skin of your cat to promote the growth of healthier hair. You’ll notice after a few weeks of regular brushing that your cat’s coat will be shinier and softer. In addition, the tips of the pin bristles will also provide a gentle massaging motion for your cat. As long as you don’t apply too much pressure while brushing, you can give your cat a massage it’ll surely enjoy. It helps promote better circulation and a better temperament. Your cat will look forward to brushing and grooming time as long as this Well & Good brush is involved.


This brush means business. There’s truly no cat coat out there that can stop this brush in its tracks. It doesn’t matter whether your cat has short hair or long hair, straight hair or wavy hair. The Well & Good handheld brush can handle all types of cat hairs. It can also handle even the thickest bunch of cat hair. If you have a cat breed that’s as fluffy as could be—say a Persian or maybe a Maine Coon—this cat brush will be your new best friend. It can easily be your go-to grooming tool if you want your cat looking spiffy and sleek at all times.

Cost and Value

Not all cat brushes are made the same. You’d know this if you’ve gone through a few brushes that have failed to keep up. Having to purchase new brushes repeatedly adds up after a while. This Well & Good brush may cost more than the average at about $11 per piece, but its durability is well worth that price. You’ll be saving yourself money in the long run because this brush will last you longer. Plus, the fact that this brush has dual capability makes it worth the buy as well. There aren’t many pet brushes out there that are as good as this Well & Good brush; and the only way to understand this is by using the brush first hand.

Durability and Reliability9.4
Comfort Level9.6
Cost and Value9
The Well & Good Handheld Pet Brush is one of a kind. The dual-purpose cat brush is all the brush you could ever need for your furry friend. The soft bristles on one side will effectively brush out all loose hairs to decrease shedding, while the pin bristles on the other side will detangle unruly cat hairs like no other. If you could have only one grooming tool, this Well & Good brush is definitely an excellent choice. It’s the one brush you’d want to take with you anywhere you go and the one you want to always have available for use at home. The Well & Good brush is the brush your cat will be thanking you for. Grooming time will never be as soothing for your cat companion as it would with a Well & Good cat brush.