Wham-O Pets Rubber Fetch Classic Dog Frisbee Reviewed


The classic game of fetch is a tried and true way of bonding with your dog. It’s just classic fun, and believe it or not, it actually has plenty of other benefits for your dog than just entertainment. However, in order to play a good game of fetch, you have to have the proper equipment. In this case, Wham-O has given pet owners everywhere a mighty solution with the Rubber Fetch Classic Dog Frisbee. Dogs absolutely love catching Frisbees, and if you want a dog toy that’ll be able to keep up with you and your dog, you better make sure that you get your hands on one of these.

Durability and Reliability

It’s sturdy. It’s flexible. This Classic Dog Frisbee is everything that a dog Frisbee should be. It’s tough enough to handle all the biting it would have to endure from sharp canine teeth, but the Soft-flex material that makes up this dog toy prevents any potential injury that would normally affect dog gums and teeth when playing with other regular Frisbees. Since it’s also non-toxic, you can be assured that your dog can play with this toy for hours without ingesting anything harmful.

Comfort Level

We’ve already established that the materials of this toy are designed to reduce or even eliminate any risks of injury that often afflicts dogs’ teeth and gums when it comes to other types of plastic toys. Dogs will actually enjoying fetching this one because it’s comfortable to bite. In addition, the Frisbee is actually comfortable for you to use as well. This fetch toy is designed for easy throws that are as far as possible, so you’re not going to have to exert too much effort. That means that you can last longer while playing fetch because your arms won’t get too worn out. You’ll also get better control with the Frisbee, allowing you to throw challenging yet controlled throws to encourage your dog to think and predict. The Bone-Tec texturing on both top and bottom sides of the Frisbee will help your dog be more comfortable with catching as well.


This dog toy is one size fits all. That’s another thing that’s great about the Rubber Fetch Classic Dog Frisbee. Any dog breeds will have fun playing with this dog toy regardless of size. Whether you have a Miniature Poodle, a Great Dane, or anything else in between, you can have an excellent time playing this Frisbee with your dog. The fact that you could also bring this toy anywhere you go is another plus. You can play this at the park, the beach, on your yard, or any other place that has sufficient space for running. No matter where you play, you can guarantee that your dog will have a good old time.

Cost and Value

This may not be the cheapest toy that you’d ever get for your dog, but just remember that you’re getting more than average benefits with this particular Frisbee. One Frisbee sells for $15. That may be much compared to other regular Frisbees, but as we’ve explained, the Rubber Fetch will not harm your dog in any way. If you’re factoring in the safety benefits, the comfort factor, and the endless hours of fun, it becomes very easy to justify the cost. And the fact that this is likely to be a one-time buy is a plus. This dog toy is designed to last a long time, so know that you shouldn’t have to fork the expense out again.

Durability and Reliability9.4
Comfort Level9.4
Cost and Value8.8
The Wham-O Pets Rubber Fetch Classic Dog Frisbee is the toy that should always be available to you and your dog for play. You could either leave it in your backyard, in your backpack, or in the trunk of your car. Your dog will definitely appreciate it because there’s no other dog toy out there that can improve the game of Frisbee fetch like this one. This Frisbee is safe and easy to use, and it’s also guaranteed to outlast all the throwing and catching it’ll go through. If you’re looking for a dog toy that you know your dog would love, get the Classic Dog Frisbee and soon enough it’ll be the go-to toy that you and your dog would always prefer playing with. Don’t make the mistake of using regular Frisbees to play fetch with. Your dog only deserves the best, and this Wham-O toy is one of the best safest fetch toys for you and your dog to enjoy.