What My Dog Loves to Wear Over Winter to Stay Warm

Dog wears a red coat

Dog winter coats are some of the most essential items you should buy for your dog even if you do not live in a cold environment. They keep your dog warm always and protected from the cold. Coats with waterproof lining keep your dog dry from the rain too. As a plus, dog winter coats are also good for making fashion statements. Us dog owners have a huge range of top dog clothing brands to choose from, so below are some of our favourites.


Ruffwear in Oregon makes great waterproof coats that are really great for dogs that like being active during winter. The coats last and always look brand new anytime my dog dons it. The “Powder Hound” hybrid jacket offers excellent range of motion for your dog and some synthetic insulation warmth which you dog will definitely appreciate. The Powder Hound is also weather-resistant and has a zip for ease in dressing up.

Alpine Outfitters

Alpine has been designing and producing top quality dog outfits since 1988.Their range of outfits for winter cover working dogs, home pets, and sled dog teams. Their coats are made of Therma Stretch Polartec and are made to prevent frostbite with fleece on the inside to increase warmth. The jackets are remarkably water resistant, windproof, and made such that snow does not stick on the outside. For working dogs, the coats are designed to fit a harness underneath.

Highline Fleece Coats

Highline Fleece coats are made to be simple for both human and dogs. They are easy to wear and come with touch fastener tabs to hold the coats in place. The coats are made from 280 gram thick fleece and sure to keep your dog warm and comfortable during winter. The clothes are available in more than 5 colour combinations and come in sizes for every dog breed.

Chilly Dogs

Chilly dog jackets are made in Canada for temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. The materials for the jackets are sourced in North America and are 100% waterproof. Their “Great White North” polyurethane-coated jacket was specially made for Canadian tough cold winter and is guaranteed to keep your dog warm always.


From simple rain jackets to winter coats, Hurtta has dog coats for all weather. Their Ultimate Warmer is made of “Houndtex” membrane which is waterproof and guaranteed to keep your dog warm and dry. The jacket has a high collar and lower hem to protect the important muscles of the dog’s body.

EzyDog Element

While the Element may not be as thick as most of the coats on the list, its outer shell is made of a 600 denier polyester fabric that is tough and can survive rough conditions. If your dog likes running through forests and tough locations, the coat will withstand rough treatments and will not snag. It also has a unique neck opening that is stretchable and allows easily neck movement. The material offers protection from the cold, the wind, and water. The Element Jacket also has reflective piping which offers better nighttime visibility.


Weatherbeeta is a well-known brand which produces top quality clothing for animals and pets. Their dog clothes are waterproof and have large belly bands to keep the belly tender. The Weatherbeeta 1200D Parka is made for cold and rainy climate with waterproof material. The jacket is lined with durable 220g of polyfill and tender chest closure that makes it breathable.


Equafleece makes amazing dog fleece coats that includes jumpers, tanks, t-shirts, and coats to fit your dog’s needs. Depending on the weather and climate, there are coats made of different
unique materials to keep your dog warm and dry.

Wrapping Up

High-quality dog winter coats keep your dog comfortable and warm in cold conditions. There are dog coats made to enhance the dog’s abilities and increase its efficiency. There are dog clothes that allow the dog romp about in rough locations. Your choice of dog clothes should fit the purpose. Consider factors such as body size, body fat composition, and amount of fur.
While buying dog winter coats may not seem like the best idea if you live in a warm climatic area, it has its brilliant perks. As a plus, you could get dog clothes to make a fashion statement. Most dog winter jackets are fashionable and come in brilliant colors. Consider buying more than one winter coat to keep your dog handsome and cute anytime.